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r00ney posted a comment on Tuesday 5th May 2015 9:41pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

Awesome. Thanks for writing this!

Hoss posted a comment on Friday 8th February 2013 1:21pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

A fitting end for him me thinks.

abe1803 posted a comment on Monday 26th November 2012 9:12pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

An excellent and original way to get rid of Tom Riddle, aka Voldemort. I would assume, given the amount of thought that went into it, that Harry extracted the wand's core before sealing it into Lexan, or else sealed in a non-functional copy; after all, even withour tools, it could be extracted in a much shorter time than forever, or even than a million years...

Incidentally, the remaining Horcrux may very well have been destroyed by the time of Voldemort's reawakening. It might be able to survive the general corrosiveness of seawater, and the weight of the sediments settling on top of it. However, at some time within the next few hundred million years the present Atlantic seafloor is likely to be subducted beneath the continents (this is not presently taking place: unlike the Pacific rim, the Atlantic seafloor is pushing the Americas away from Europe and Africa, rather than being subducted; but this cannot continue forever...). The seafloor containing the Horcrux would then end up in the mantle, where the temperature is more than high enough to melt the rock, and the pressure is high enough that the rock resembles a viscous jello more than a liquid. And if that were not sufficient, convection currents in the mantle might well carry it down near the core, where the heat and pressure are much higher still...

One unfortunate caveat: it seems likely, as pointed out by Kasting's 1988 article in Icarus (Vol. 74, p. 472), that in a little over a billion years, when the Sun is about 10% brighter than it is now, Earth will lose all its water via a moist greenhouse effect (see p. 488 of this article: "Still larger solar flux increases could cause the stratosphere to become wet, resulting in rapid loss of water from photodissociation followed by hydrogen escape."). While the Earth's surface might not be unlivably hot , there would be no water (neither in the ground nor the atmosphere), therefore no life (at least as we know it), therefore no oxygen in the atmosphere (it is only the presence of photosynthesizing life that maintains the present 20%-fraction of oxygen in the atmosphere).

FeNo posted a comment on Saturday 21st April 2012 4:05pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

I bow before your indescribable deviousness! That's truly a punishment worthy of the gods of old days. Somewhere between Atlas, Prometheus and Sisyphos, with other words no more or less than Riddle deserved. (Don't know if you know "methods of rationality", but that's the only achilles heel of that story, that Riddle himself won't have any influence on the end of his life, even when he would long for it).

Superbly written!

slashslut posted a comment on Sunday 3rd July 2011 7:37pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

lol, the premise is so clever!

Tzu Con posted a comment on Monday 17th January 2011 2:50pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

I always wondered just how long it would be before the Horcrux's were found and destroyed by accident if VM had won. He would have lived through countless generations of wizards and muggles, reducing the worldwide population and social order during his war against muggles.

And giving him his wand, close but inaccessible was beautiful.

shawn151 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th August 2010 9:35pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

That made me feel really bad for Tom. It's also made me rethink my wish for immortality. I still think if I had the chance for it, I'd go for it, but now I'm just no completely sure.

Great story by the way.

Trscroggs posted a comment on Tuesday 10th August 2010 9:54am for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

I don't know about the others, but this story gave me a bad case of the creeping horrors. And does every time I read it.

Anyone searching for true immortality is an idiot. Thankfully for Riddle, if Fiend Fire can take a Horux out then staf fire probably can too, otherwise it would be VERY uncomfotable to be a wraith in the middle of a star when the Earth is consummed. Of course he will probably be a wrath at some time by that point, as all other life on Earth will be dead long before that.

goku90504 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st April 2010 9:31pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

depends on the nature of the immortality riddles way wasnt to bad an idea he could live as long as he wanted then when the time came he could destroy the crux's himself an die on his own terms of course he made the mistake of pissing someone off who could ruin those plans but *shrugs*

slashslut posted a comment on Friday 22nd January 2010 1:50pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

oh, wow ... brilliant portrayal of what could be in store for ole voldmort and his quest. talk about the ultimate revenge!!

DrT posted a comment on Monday 18th January 2010 5:35am for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

I've always really enjoyed this fic!

GJMEGA posted a comment on Monday 18th January 2010 2:40am for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

Fantastic! The only problem is the fact that Riddle can use some small measure of wandless magic. Even with so limited an amount I would think that five years of weakened reductor curses would eventually break the block. I do wonder what Riddle will do once he eventually carves his wand free. Do small rocks transfigured into small animals count as "life"? Because if so then Riddle could eventually increase his magical capacity by repopulating the world with various animals. Of course it would take him centuries to do so. Assuming that works, with the right planing over two billion years he might actually be able to get his ass of Earth before the sun envelopes it. Or he could do the smart thing and hunt down his Horcrux and kill himself.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Sunday 17th January 2010 4:45pm for Forever is an Exceedingly Long Time

This is a good story