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myrthe1203 posted a comment on Saturday 19th July 2014 4:58pm for Clell's Snippetts

About the double G's? Standing up isn't the hard part. It's catching your breasts when you remove the bra to ensure they don't fall down, because that hurts. And keeping your shoulders back/straight when you have the weight pulling at them.

super12 posted a comment on Saturday 4th September 2010 2:10pm for Clell's Snippetts

Ok it was funny except the ending that was weird lol

webdoc posted a comment on Friday 16th April 2010 7:28am for Clell's Snippetts


Thanks, I needed that.

dan26 posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 8:40pm for Clell's Snippetts

A quirky use of a harem pairing if I ever read

Patches posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 6:35pm for Clell's Snippetts

This is outrageous and hilarious. Quite a different tact for mild mannered Harry Potter, ne Lightning Man! Thanks for adding to the fun. Patches

Rick D Gale posted a comment on Monday 25th January 2010 12:32pm for Clell's Snippetts

Of all the different people, I think Neville's the best!

Who would have thought a mild-mannered fat kid would do what everyone else wouldn't?

Thanks for the laughts and welcome to the site.

I look forward to your next adventures,


Riegert8 posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 1:58pm for Clell's Snippetts

Very Good story

Chris Espinosa posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 11:22am for Clell's Snippetts

I like it but the last part was unlikely. Not where Neville became a Rorschach-esque character but his inclusion of an innocent person.

Clell65619 replied:

- As I said, that last bit didn't really fit the rest of the Round Robin.

- The Innocent person in question was Neville himself. The scene is sort of an homage to the semi-classic John Byrne Reboot of the Superman character and it's 'first meeting' of Superman and Batman...