Content Harry Potter Original Young Justice


Status: Completed on 19th Nov 13
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Adventure
Word count: 11,391
Reviews: 3
Chapters: 1
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In a world of swordsmen and wizards, a humble dragon seeks a prize beyond price. But those he needs to complete his own quest are themselves searching for an evil Mage. The things a Dragon has to do to find and defeat the most vicious of beasts, the fabled Maiden.

One Shots

Status: Completed on 13th Oct 10
Rating: Everyone
Genre: One Shots
Word count: 7,903
Reviews: 26
Chapters: 1
Also available as: Epub | pdf | mobi | lit | txt

Unlike most of my work on this site, this is a piece of original fiction.   This was inspired by the NPR "Three Minute Fiction" contest which asked for short stories of a specific type that need to be able to be read in Three minutes… or about 600 words.


It turns out that I couldn’t tell this story in three minutes or 600 words.   So I figured that if it wasn’t good enough for the contest, maybe some of you might like it.   So, again, this is NOT fanfiction and it is indeed, mine, all mine.   For all the good that will do anyone.