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bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2016 2:05am for Rescues

Hey, what do you have against the Chudley Cannons? Besides them being Ronnie's favorite team, that is?

Wanderer posted a comment on Tuesday 9th August 2016 11:27pm for Rescues

Why is it that Ron's team is always the one to get whacked in FF? lol M

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 20th September 2014 3:48pm for Rescues

Harry really has a genius for finding the wrong place to be at the right time. At least he saved Luna and her mother. Thank goodness for that. It is good that Bellatrix counterpart is nomore. The dark lady was misinformed and now Harry is back in fighting form and Moody is right. betwee the two of them the dark lady should be out of the picture. I look forward to more of this story. p

deeniebee posted a comment on Monday 13th September 2010 12:15am for Rescues


I'm really liking this story =) The plot is original and the dialogue is fantastic. However, I'm finding that there are times when those you've designated as female are referred to as "he" and those designated as males are referred to as "she". It got really confusing and I almost didn't finish reading the chapters already up, mostly because trying to keep it straight was distracting me from the story and dialogue. I noticed it most in the last 2 chapters posted. Just something to keep in mind if you plan an revising or for future chapters. Other then that, I can't wait to see where you are going with this and if Harry returns to his own dimension!

CrimsonEmperor posted a comment on Wednesday 30th June 2010 11:51am for Rescues

Lolz, I've passed this story so many times on But sooo good. Brilliant story mate. I think the polarization of women and men on being the 'aggressive' gender was hilarious... I hope we see another chapter soon!

Clell65619 replied:

- working on it.

Snag posted a comment on Wednesday 5th May 2010 1:45pm for Rescues

This was actually quite fun! I like not only the blanket gender reversals, (sans Luna), I like the way you've made the world matriarchal by nature. Good times.

Onikage no Uta posted a comment on Wednesday 5th May 2010 12:12am for Rescues

This chapter was made of so much win as to be unfathomable...

Here are some of my faves:
"Wolfman's got nards?" great reference to a great old movie.
Luna's mercilessness when it comes to her dads rug.
"Damn it Mad-Eye! You are one ugly woman to wake up to." I almost woke up me sleeping wife when I laughed at this line.

I was wondering If you were ever going to have Harry show Xena the R.O.R. so she could see her husband?

Great chappie, can't wait for the next.

loatroll posted a comment on Saturday 17th April 2010 12:02pm for Rescues

Awesome story. I can't believe I missed this story until now! I remember seeing it from time to time but I thought it was another story entirely that I believe was named similarly or something like that. Wonderful story overall.
Thanks for the excellent read, and I'm really looking forward to more.

shadowman posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 12:33am for Rescues

Amazing story you have here so far, one of the funniest ive read in a while. Never seen quite a twist on the girl!harry stories before. Not only that, but the gender role switch is hilarious, the chapter with Sirius' double and the poodle was a crack-up. Great fanfic so far i'd say 9.5 outta 10. Keep up the great work.

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Monday 22nd March 2010 6:46pm for Rescues

I have enjoyed reading this story, I hope that you will update soon because you have me hooked. This is the best Harry Transdemitional Fic I have read.

Thanks for writing

Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 1st March 2010 12:26am for Rescues

This is Great!!!! I can't wait for you to update! I laughed hard when Luna referenced bun-bun! How awesome is this story! Please update soon!

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 28th February 2010 6:31am for Rescues

This is an excellent story. You are doing a great job. I really look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

joeBob posted a comment on Friday 26th February 2010 1:32am for Rescues

Fine chapter. Harry's battle was especially good.

}} "It focuses the mind quite effectively."

Where the heck was security and the stray comers and goers about the quidditch stadium?

Clell65619 replied:

- Well it does...

- What can I say, Wizards are as serious about their security at sporting events as they are about their educational system...

Delta-Theta posted a comment on Thursday 25th February 2010 11:36pm for Rescues

it seems to me that someone has been waiting a very long time to kill the entire Chudley Cannon Quidditch team... just because of Ron and his insane love of all things orange

Clell65619 replied:

- Actually I've been trying to work in my Monster Squad reference for months, but I just can't stomach Remus enough to have him in a story, even for abuse...

- So I used Death Eater instead of Wolfman...

Jimbocous posted a comment on Thursday 25th February 2010 11:17pm for Rescues

Liking this. Some unique twists, and great characterizations, though perhaps a bit more Harri development might be in order; she seems a bit flat compared to the other characters. Understandable, since you're writing more from a Harry POV, but just my .02 worth. Thanks for a fun read so far!

brad posted a comment on Thursday 25th February 2010 8:33pm for Rescues

Always pleased to get to read a new chapter of one of your stories, I really do enjoy them.

A definite sense of looming fireworks and an approaching climax to the story with this chapter, I think. I hadn't realised how *both* Riddles - the dark lady and Harry's own dark lord - might both be taken down because of Voldemort's originally banishing Harry to this other dimension. What a mistake that might turn out to be!? The opposite of 'divide and conquer' - just like Harry and Harriet's plans for the training room, maybe they'll do the same in real life? Combine to defeat one Potter nemesis, then hop over to the other dimension to do the other?

(That's the fatal flaw with evil, maybe; the two Riddle's could never combine forces, each would try and defeat the other. Whereas our two Potters are doing everything they can to combine their strengths.)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading what happens next!

I was worried for a while that you might leave Harry permanently impaired, but it looks like magic has come to his rescue once again.

Mistaking Harry for Harriet seemed weird ... for a page or two I was thinking that Harry might have been mentally inhabiting Harri's body, another mental vision, something like that. But it just was sheer stupidity on behalf of the DEs then?

Thank you for continuing your stories. And congratulations on becoming a grandfather!!! Have fun with little Xander!

Clell65619 replied:

- The Riddle of Harry's original world will not be addressed (in this story) Harry's trip to this plane of reality was on a one way ticket.

- Though I have been playing with a sort of sequel with a working title of "Neville Longbottom and the Spear Side"

- The mistaken id of Harriet for Harry is fairly simple really, they round a dark haired semi-conscious bloody mess with a very recognizable curse scar... Flint, the only one who had actually met Harriet never got closer to Harry than across the room, then the person in question started kicking ass, a most unmale action in this world. I think the mistaken ID is understandable.

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Thursday 25th February 2010 7:41pm for Rescues

I think Harry haas even worse luck here, than back in canon. Great update, thanks.

DrT posted a comment on Thursday 25th February 2010 5:11pm for Rescues

Taking out neutrals seems to be a pretty stupid way to fight! But then Riddles have always lacked common sense (as opposed to intelligence)

Clell65619 replied:

- I've been ramping up Riddle's carnage, as many have suggested, the Cannon's stadium will be the tipping point that gets the Wizarding public off their asses and onto the Ministry's...

dan26 posted a comment on Thursday 25th February 2010 4:04pm for Rescues

Strange thing is the last sentence is only a half bad thing to happen in the loss of life that is not the quidditch Franchise

PerfesserN posted a comment on Thursday 25th February 2010 3:48pm for Rescues

Oh no, not the Cannons!
Who will finish at the bottom of the league now?

Clell65619 replied:

- Well, there's still the Cubs...