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Wanderer posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 1:13am for Year Two Proposals

I had completely forgotten about Luna, that really was slick of you.

Gotta love Lucy's 'warning' :) M

Wanderer posted a comment on Sunday 6th December 2015 11:35pm for Year Two Proposals

"Ah, the rare Ravenclaw that questions the source materials." Xeno downed another drink. "What are you going to do Filius?"

The Charms Master refilled both glasses and sipped at his. "What are you going to do Xeno?"


One of my favorite things about this story is the dialogue. You don't take an overly large number of words to convey personality and drama.

I will admit that the time-jumps are a bit off, especially when they happen multiple time in the midst of a page without clear notice - that is frustrating. I don't want to guess when/who/what is going on as a general rule.

The exception was the Ginny/Luna swap - nicely done on that, never saw it coming :)

Thanks for the story, M

Guy posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2011 3:18pm for Year Two Proposals

What the heck happened between this chapter and the last? Last chapter it was Ginny that had the diary and now its Luna? You might want to o back and fix it so everything flows.

Clell65619 replied:

- Look again, nothing in the previous chapter said 'Ginny'.

noylj posted a comment on Friday 5th February 2010 4:43am for Year Two Proposals

I have almost certainly already reviewed, but this story at this point as the same failing as so many HP fanfics--why would any loving parent ever let their child go to a school with a headmaster who has proven that he will do whatever he feels he must to get whatever he wants? Then, after Harry has had at least one death-defying experience that can be laid at the feet of this selfsame headmaster, the parent then sends Harry back.
What parent in the real world (who's actions aren't distorted to fit the plot of some story) would ever let the child go back to that school?
Yet, the stories never explain this totally unbelievable action of a loving parent.
Now, if I was Stark, I would be working night and day on some way to "turn off" magic so magicals will be virtually defenseless. If, that is, he really cares for Harry and wants him to live and be relatively safe in the bigoted world of the english magicals.
I know that if the headbastard came to meet me the way Bumbles came to meet Stark, I would not let my children within 500 miles of hime and a continent or two would not be too much. But then again, I love my children and will not knowingly allow them to be exposed to unknown dangers...and just a couple of months at Hoggy would show me that no child should be in that house of horrors. Just one story of Snape would have my child out of there (and, if I had Stark's money and power, there would be one missing potions dick).

Clell65619 replied:

- [shrug] I can't say I disagree, but that makes for very short stories...

- Of course one of the reactions I got to Technomage was 'What parent would allow an 11 year old to have access to the weapons the Techsuit had?" I responded with 'What parent would allow an 11 year old with a weapon that could do tickle, kill, and everything inbetween based purely upon the will of the user?'

- Yet the children of Hogwarts all have their wands...

- Sometimes for the sake of the story, people have to do silly things.

- As far as 'turning off magic' Wait for 7th year.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Thursday 4th February 2010 9:20pm for Year Two Proposals

This is a very good chapter