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Wanderer posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 10:48pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Harry's rant at Remus was fantastic. I've seen similar, and of course Harry Stark is a much more reasoned and eloquent young man than 99% of the iterations of Harry Potter's I've read in this position, but his words really cut to the truth of Remus's failure as a friend of the Potters and as a person who supposedly cared about Harry's well being.

Something bothers me about the way Tracey is treated. Being the next Heir of House Davis should bring the more clever and informed of Slytherin House to her with at the very least offers of alliance and mutual aid. For there to be not a single member of any of their house to have family in any way aware of her status is just... well, it is honestly not at all believable. I get that you need her isolated, but I would encourage you to revise that isolation to be at least somewhat self induced - have her be clever enough to see through some offers, have some offers be rudely or crassly presented enough to have offended her and then have her be stubborn enough to refuse subsequent attempts on general principle. That should all occur during first year - you could even have had one of the Seventh years be a Friend of House Davis that got her through those initial problems but she's on her own since he/she graduated. Just a thought.

Then came her kiss - and you set it up beautifully with his ealier 'relationship' "Was that a 'lets be friends' kiss?" That had me laughing out loud in appreciation, not just for your build up, but for the sheer amusement of the moment, albeit at Harry's expense. The poor boy would just be flumoxed and absolutely clueless on how to interpret the experience. Classic!

Super fun story so far! M

Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 7th December 2015 1:09am for Year Two: Spring Term

Super fun chapter, moving things along at a good pace now, and mixing in lots of the (not-so) wonderful aspects of those early years lol M

silversong posted a comment on Monday 4th July 2011 2:12pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Great story. Its been awhile though. Any chance is an update any time soon? (crosses fingers)

Logan_MacLeod posted a comment on Friday 10th June 2011 7:25pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Ok, I have read [retty much everything you have written and I like them alot. This story is just awesome. You have to complete/update it soon man. I put this up there with the Harry Potter and the Power of Oa. Harry is saved from dying at the Dursleys by the last Guardian of the Green Lantern corps. Its good just like yours. And just like yours they stopped writing it lol. YOu have got to keep it up please please please.

Tenchifew posted a comment on Tuesday 17th May 2011 6:05pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Great Story! Very well written, nice character development, unusual plot. Really hope you will come back to it. Thank you for your writing.

rejndzer87 posted a comment on Sunday 27th March 2011 3:05pm for Year Two: Spring Term

i cant believe no one has begged shamelessly for you to continue this story since december! oh well, if someone HAS to do it, i guess i might as well, now that i'm here:



its so OMGWTFAWSOMEPWNAGEUBERNESS!!!! you HAVE to continue!!!!!

sufficient exclamation marks?

Clell65619 replied:

- I'm working on it.

johnsmith posted a comment on Tuesday 7th December 2010 7:39pm for Year Two: Spring Term

please update soon, just spent the last day and a half reading what you have so far, and no story is long enough untill it takes me over a week to read it. and i average 700 to 900 pages a day, so get cracken :P. i was hesitant to read the story at first, wasnt sure if id like it, but after i started, decided it was one of the best cross-overs id read in awhile. i honestly have trouble trying to figure out if the there where any i liked better

Fanboyimus Prime posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd November 2010 11:13am for Year Two: Spring Term

Interesting chapter. Though not sure why Hawkeye was on the East Coast time given he was leader of the West Coast Avengers at that time. Probably part of Harry's effect of being around.

And I do wonder if W.H.O. (Weird Happenings Organization) is aware of the Wizarding World and all that is going on there. And would be Harry's 5th year WHO be replaced with Black Air?

And will Voldemort find out about Mys-tech and how they gained immortality by sending so many souls to Mephisto? Or that he could have used the Bloodstone to gain immortality like Merlin Hellspawn or Ulysses Bloodstone have used.

And be amusing if Voldemort pissed off Doctor Doom or Apocalypse. Or get the attention of the Stranger.

The last thing is I believe that Silver Dagger would freak out if he found out about the Wizarding World.

Clell65619 replied:

- Clint was either visiting or maybe the whole West Coast thing didn't happen when Tony didn't fall into alcoholism... I don't know, I just always liked Hawkeye for his 'no powers just a whole lot of practice and skill' riff, much like Cap.

- Very little of the Marvel history of the time is going to bleed over into the story, for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I've got enough to do with the Magical UK aspects of the story... So, no to WHO, though they probably know about the magicals since SHIELD does. After all, in my story canon the Magicals in North America aren't hiding.

- Doom is coming into the story in 4th year... and yes, he's going to end up annoyed at Voldemort... but he will recognize Harry's prior claim and allow Harry his chance to deal with the feeb before Doom does it himself.

potterfanchuck posted a comment on Sunday 7th November 2010 9:40am for Year Two: Spring Term

If I haven’t reviewed this before I definitely should have as I think it’s a great story. I'm not into comic book characters but am familiar with some of them. I hope you can find the time to update more often since this is a quite interesting story.

Ilonwy posted a comment on Saturday 6th November 2010 1:33pm for Year Two: Spring Term

That's pretty darn awesome! I never really got that much into superheroes, but now I'm hooked! Thanks! Keep it up! :)

Anansii posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 12:51am for Year Two: Spring Term

Thanks for a nice long solid update. I'm enjoying this thing way too much to want it to vanish into the ether. Nice touch with Harry calling his dad at work... :)

marcelhm posted a comment on Sunday 31st October 2010 3:02pm for Year Two: Spring Term

feeling this tension build up here :) but very much enjoyed these last 2 chapters. So thnx 4 that

Wolfric posted a comment on Saturday 30th October 2010 4:13pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Fine chapter. The computer and relationship stuff is fun and the bit with Remus is dramatic. Thanks for writing. W.

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 30th October 2010 2:09am for Year Two: Spring Term

This is really good. I like the way that Harry deals with all the people in his life. I feel sorry for Remus. He was threatened with charges if he went near Harry. Sirius was out of reach and Tony stepped in where no one else could. At least when he messes up Tony admonishes him to keep trying and to ask his friends for brainstorming ideas. Brainstorming is a great way to field diverse ideas. No ones idea should be rejected out of hand in a brainstormins session. An idea that won't work my trigger an idea that will work. Nothing is wasted and it allows creative thinking and creative actions that lead to results. I like Tony's answer when Harry wrote and asked about Tracey. Tony gave good advice. We will see how Harry does with his new way of receiveing "Thanks" from girls. At least he did say he really liked it. now it looks like they are making some headway in their project. I look forward to your next update. Thanks for writing. pms

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Friday 29th October 2010 11:13pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Aluminium vs Aluminum is fun. And it's a great choice for their miracle material, since it's a relatively new metal. Good way to explain why it's not been used in magic before.

Good chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Friday 29th October 2010 8:41pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Great chapter, I love the Harry and Tracy scene, it was too cute.
Harry response to it was great.
Thanks for writing
MPF posted a comment on Friday 29th October 2010 7:52pm for Year Two: Spring Term

Outstanding chapter!!!! I'm glad to see an update, I've reread this story 4 times now!!!! Will we get to see Harry using other metals like Titanium and such to make the magical computer???? Will Adamantium play a role in the computer???? I know this will sound nerdy and stuff but what about Mythril???? Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please!!!!:):):):)

insertparagraph posted a comment on Friday 29th October 2010 11:38am for Year Two: Spring Term

I work with people from the semiconductor manufacturing industry. "photo-etch the rune sets" totally made my day.

Clell65619 replied:

- That's just a flash back to my younger days of hobbyist electronics when we would photo etch our own circuit boards, coupled with the intense surprise I felt very early in my technical training the first time I disassembled a mainframe processor and discovered that rather than discrete logical gates on the boards, there were electronic components.

- Dumb, I know, but there you go.

muggledad posted a comment on Friday 29th October 2010 9:57am for Year Two: Spring Term

You know, Molly Hatchet has probably the best cover art of any band short of Iron Maiden. Just a thought.

I really enjoyed the 'people' aspect of this story. It seems to be about Harry, Tony, Sirius, Hermione... and they happen to be heroes or magical or whatnot.

Thanks for the update


DrT posted a comment on Friday 29th October 2010 4:26am for Year Two: Spring Term

That was nearly a classical Hermie panic meltdown, not surprised Harry was sucked into it. Moony was certainly well-scolded, hopefully Sinistra will console him. If Remus wasn't outed as a were, will he be back next year, breaking the 'curse'?