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lydiakate98 posted a comment on Thursday 24th January 2013 12:20am for Reognition

This was amazing. Loved almost every second of it. The only person that was not touched on was Luna. Did she recognise Harry or was she as fooled as everyone else?

jesterod posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 11:53pm for Reognition

say it isnt so that this is a one shot would be a shame it deserves many more chapters

jewles3837 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 11:11pm for Reognition

This story is hilarious.

Difdi posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 9:38pm for Reognition

Lasik is a very bad idea for Harry. Why? For the same reason Lasik disqualifies you from becoming a U.S. Air Force pilot. The way the surgery works, it makes you vulnerable to detachment of the retina during high-G maneuvering.

The Air Force recommends a different type of eye surgery to prospective pilots; It has a longer recovery time, but doesn't have the drawback Lasik does.

Clell65619 replied:

- You're looking for reality in a crack fic?   Seriously?

Zamia posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 8:57pm for Reognition

YYYou mean Cark Kent is Harry Potter! Who is Superman then? All those years I've been mistaken. Quite a chuckling good read. Cheers.


Edward Becerra posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 8:28pm for Reognition

Friggin' hilarious, Clell! This one's a keeper and a re-reader. Often!

Clell65619 replied:

- From you Ed, high praise.  Thank you sir.

gara5289 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 7:38pm for Reognition

After Hermione's line 1/3 of the way through, your epilogue better be 10 years later when Hermione Granger owns the magical world. Really fun first chapter, looking forward to the rest.

lwj2 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 6:24pm for Reognition

Gods, that's funny. Thank you!

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 6:15pm for Reognition

I love this. Talk about clueless. You did a fantastic job of pulling this off. Poor Pansy and then Draco congratulates her for be the most slytherin. I look forward to more chapters in this story line. Thanks for writing. pms

jerry posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 5:38pm for Reognition

way to funny

pilotg21969 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 5:23pm for Reognition

Absolutely hilarious! Especially the Potter-Parkinson affair.

Hagrid posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 4:15pm for Reognition

I can picture them now, standing around in Frock Coats and 1890'2 swim wear, tryin' ter mix in with a chap in a ponco and a klit. Now I remember what it was like to be a big firstie, so I know from where I speak, even If'n I don speak it teh good. Keep up yer twisted thinkin' young friend, it's makes the rest of em on edge.

The Seeker posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 3:17pm for Reognition

Of the many things to like about this fic, the part I liked best was your taking an absurd idea and taking it to hilariously absurd lengths. Kudos to you and your killer sense of humor!

Ken Warner posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 3:00pm for Reognition

I had read the snippets as you posted on the various yahoo groups, and had about fallen out my chair a few times - getting the whole story at once is just great

thanks so much for all the great stories you have shared.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 2:53pm for Reognition

I feel sorry for Pansy for it's sad that something good happen to her, but she can't remeber any of it.

Michael Cornfoot posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 1:50pm for Reognition

great chapter. Are you planning on continuing?

Clell65619 replied:

The story is done...

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 1:40pm for Reognition

This was really good, a creative idea and a nice twist to things.

A great death for the Dark Lord and a good point about Harry’s glasses he would be lost without them I am glad he no longer needs them. It was funny that those not muggle born don’t recognise him, it’s a good point Harry can try to hide his scar but can’t hide his glasses so that would be how people know him.

It would drive Snape spare trying to work out who was in line with him as I think he would have a good memory. I liked what was said about those who embrace their magical side more than their muggle I think Hermione would be like that too given how little time she spends with her parents and what she did to them in the last book.

I do like Harry/Susan a Hufflepuff would have traits Harry would appreciate and given what her Aunt does could understand Harry and what he has gone through better than most.

A scary image Moody with a mullet wig, I now know the form my boggart will take for a while.

"Documentary" that is brilliant and so like pure bloods, since even the Ministry expert struggles to grasp electricity and a rubber duck. Harry is learning "Some fights just aren't worth fighting."

I had forgotten how those raised in magical homes dress to blend in with muggle society I wonder how Aurors and Unspeakables dress.

A great line "we've traded horrifically dangerous for psychotically silly"

I am glad Harry will be close to Susan I have long thought Harry would have benefited from the nurturing Hufflepuff would provide and Sprout has to be a better head of House than Minerva.

Poor Pansy the Hogwarts Rumour mill is a formidable enemy, I am surprised Draco would wait for her given his dislike of Harry but Draco is family head maybe he needs all the help he can get from those he knows or trusts.

The Weasley’s are a menace what kind of rumours did she spread about Harry or does the Burrow have a peep hole.

A lack of knowledge on psychology might explain why the magical world has so little regard of mental health. I doubt Ginny was given help after being possessed and after all Harry goes through the most he gets is dreamless sleep.

Harry good at something beyond flying and DADA is refreshing thanks for that.

Hermione really is nasty in 6th year I can understand her wanting to pay Pansy back but this could have ended badly for Harry too.

Well done Sprout for standing up for her House I would love to know what she did to Snape to make him behave with regard to her students.

I liked how Harry dealt with his dorm mates not approving of his fictional girlfriend a smarter more assertive Harry is always a good thing and it helps most people in the House of the Brave are not too smart.

The Potter name and the expectations that go with it would be a burden I am glad Harry has a way to escape it for a time. I bed the Goblins will love what he did as well as they could use the power of suggestion to gain power or even win a Goblin war or become Minister of Magic. I can just picture the quotes "Of Course I am not a Goblin I am just short and have very sharp teeth"

Thanks for this I look forward to what you do next.