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Ratboy posted a comment on Saturday 30th November 2019 3:36pm for Revival

I had to come back and reread this after your post of part A of chapter 4. I look forward to it after the first snippet.

fyrecat posted a comment on Sunday 24th December 2017 1:22am for Revival

I have been a fan of your writing for years! I ma glad to hear that your muse has returned. Hopefully we will stat seeing regular updates to this and your other stories again!

Love this story, btw. It's quite fun!

kyoshi posted a comment on Wednesday 13th December 2017 3:22pm for Revival

To bad you didn't have a love interest for Harry in the space.

Clell65619 replied:

Check out the last paragraph of chapter 3 again.

nopee posted a comment on Saturday 16th September 2017 5:35am for Revival

great !!! <3

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2017 4:41am for Revival

The Book of Dobby? Brilliant! And the engineer's reaction to Harry in the engine room? Spot on. I did give myself a bit of a giggle when I imagined what would be the reaction Star Trek's Scotty in the same circumstances.

Full_Pensieve posted a comment on Wednesday 12th July 2017 1:19pm for Revival

You continue your mastery of the HP crossover, sir -- with extra gold star points for the relative obscurity of the second universe. I take it Earth has been unwittingly exporting its magical potential? Very interesting throughout... and not just because of the implied kink of Harry getting involved with a one-woman set of triplets, lol.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Monday 10th July 2017 4:28pm for Revival

It was hillarious to read about Harry pointing out that the wand wizards aren't the only ones who lack logic. 'What was wrecked by magic, can be repaired by magic'.

The appearance of Goblins expecting Harry (one man Ministry of Magic) to provide them with a building was just as hillarious as the reaction on the spaceship.

jilumasam posted a comment on Monday 10th July 2017 3:45am for Revival

I have been enjoying this story, despite the fact this looks suspiciously like it's a crossover and I am clueless as to what it's crossed with. And it doesn't seem to matter if I don't get half of it. It's still a good story!