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NuitTombee posted a comment on Saturday 6th August 2011 11:08pm

It made me smile as well. XD


Abraxan posted a comment on Tuesday 12th October 2010 4:15pm

Very funny


goku90504 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st April 2010 9:23am

goku90504 at gmail dot com i have to know what show inspired part 6

Clell65619 replied:

- Hogan's Heroes.

dan26 posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 7:57pm

This is a different aspect of your humor style and not a dumb story

Ronnee posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 11:35pm

I wonder what it says of me that I recognized every single show you used and I don't get cable, dish, or regular airwave TV? I smirked and smiled through the whole thing. Very fun. Thanks

Riegert8 posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 3:16am

This is really funny

dan26 posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 1:29am

"Bloody hell!" Ron said as a haze filled the room. Haze of a consistency that the dorm hadn’t seen since that horrible evening when the House Elves made the unwise decision to try a burrito night in the Great Hall. The effect of an even dozen of those aforementioned burritos on the digestive system of Ron Weasley was noted in amazing detail in not one but three medical journals. The result was that any further ‘Burrito nights’ were forbidden for all time, and Dean Thomas, the young man whose bed had been closest to Ron’s that horrible night still burst into tears whenever he saw shredded cheddar cheese.

Funniest part of the chapter well the part that made me laugh the most reading it