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Wolfric posted a comment on Wednesday 15th March 2017 1:07am for 1

I must have missed this one. It is a lot of fun. Thanks for writing. W.

Gary the Grouch posted a comment on Friday 1st January 2016 1:35am for 1

A delightful one-shot about the power he knows not. Quick, enjoyable, and worth a read!

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Saturday 2nd November 2013 6:25am for 1

This was great and an interesting idea. A good twist to have Neville change because of possession.

I am glad Harry is with Susan they make a good couple given Hufflepuff traits would appeal to Harry and Susan can understand Harry better than most as she lost close family to the Dark Lord and because of what her Aunt does can understand Harry's problems. The Hufflepuff parties were a surprise no wonder the House has little regard for the House cup they have more important concerns and far more fun as well.

A bald Bellatrix would be quite a sight.

A good fate for Lucius and I would like to think Draco meets his end as well, for the greater good and for Daphne's well being.

I loved the fact the Dark Lord was afraid of Augusta I wonder how Dumbledore will take not being the person the Dark Lord fears most.

A good line to end the story. Thanks for this I look forward to what you do next.

gadriam posted a comment on Sunday 27th October 2013 8:37am for 1

O how I'd love to read the second chapter of this, but i fully understand i most likely won't. Hilarious and, in a completely perverted way, somewhat credible. Masterful.


Mathew McCrillis posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd October 2013 5:17am for 1

Funny idea, nice work!


Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd October 2013 4:24pm for 1

Anyone with sense would at least be a little cautious around Madam Longbottom, she's an old tartar if ever there was one.

Nytefyre posted a comment on Monday 21st October 2013 10:28pm for 1

This story was torture, because it currently hurts for me to laugh and I couldn't help laughing, chuckling, guffawing, and grinning like an idiot throughout reading it. Good one.

Thanks for posting.

David Thacker posted a comment on Monday 21st October 2013 5:25pm for 1

Love to see Draco's reaction to his father death. And find out what all will be happening next. Even how Daphne and Hermione know about the Puff Parties.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Monday 21st October 2013 2:37pm for 1

I find this to be a funny story, it seem that Neville has some good luck

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Monday 21st October 2013 11:49am for 1

*snicker* That is all.