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Viridian posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2015 1:37am

To hell with the critics, this was awesome. I even teared up at the end.

I like how you (and thus Ron), owned up to his crappy behavior regarding the Tournament. Grieving over Barry is a reason, not an excuse, and Ron doesn't try to use it as one.

Canon-Ron is no more flawed than a normal teenager. Harry was sometimes a berk as well. Sometimes I think some of the more virulent Ron-bashing is rooted in creepily frustrated Hermione-lust. (A lot of those fics also seem to idolize her in varying degrees, to the point it reads like the author has a crush on her and is jealous of Ron. It makes for uncomfortable reading after a while...)

Trogdor89 posted a comment on Wednesday 26th November 2014 2:18pm

i absolutely loved this fic. it was nice to see ron live up to his potential, and crossing over with "The Flash" was brilliant.

gadriam posted a comment on Friday 18th July 2014 4:39am

I can't believe i missed the original upload day! Ah well, better late than never. Brilliant story, and you didn't really change much of his character at all, really. Ron's audience interactions cracked me up and all in all, this will serve as a great inspiration. There are familiar twitches in my writer's block..=)



takon65 posted a comment on Monday 14th July 2014 5:28am

I enjoyed the story very much. I would love to see what happens to Ron in the new dimension and see if his attempts to 'get back home.' I would also like to see the reactions of other people to the "Orange Blur".

The only 'whoopsie' I saw was that the prophesy given about Harry and Voldemort is stated in this chapter in 1990, shouldn't that be 1980?

Anansii posted a comment on Sunday 13th July 2014 11:47pm

Applause! And thanks for letting Dr. Fate inform Harry and Hermoine. I forsee a long and lunatic future for "The Whiz" who will never, ever, quite understand what's so funny... Good one!

Ian Quest posted a comment on Saturday 12th July 2014 6:37pm

Thanks for a great story! I really enjoyed it- it was well written, interesting, original and fun! Too many people forget that even 'sidekicks' are the heroes of their own stories, and just because he's a convenient character to either fade into the background or demonise, that doesn't mean it's a fair (or even realistic) treatment of him.

Besides, it's an AU, so really, who cares if something's different? I've read stories where Voldemort was the hero - and the author made it believable and workable. If someone tries to tell you how you 'should' write a story (other than true constructive criticism, of course), I'd recommend telling them to talk a long walk off a short pier... :)
Thanks for sharing this story with us, and I look forward to your next story!

red jacobson posted a comment on Saturday 12th July 2014 8:59am

Hey Buddy:

Good to see you've gotten this story wrapped up, and nice job with the Nabu appearance. I have to admit, I'm not sure what the significance of the Whiz B Three Four line was, especially since you had Wally and Artemis (who?) laughing about it. Sorry, I never watched the Young Justice cartoon, and Flash was never a member of the Young Justice comic that I read.


Clell65619 replied:

The Zeta Teleporters confirm the user.  WIth a two digit number for Justice League members and a 'B' two digit number for members of 'The Team', therefore, the computer identified Ron as 'Whiz" and his reference designation is B-34.

Kara posted a comment on Saturday 12th July 2014 7:41am

Okay, generally I don't like Ron, but in this ... yeah. Well done. Very well done.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th June 2014 2:49pm

I found it interesting that Ron could get Hermione to see the light, also that he take her out to lunch

gadriam posted a comment on Tuesday 24th June 2014 12:00pm

This is amazing. I'm very fond of What-If stories, and the smaller the change, the cooler it is. The thing that hit me here was the very small change "What if Ron actually had someone sane to talk to, someone he respected?" That would make enough of a difference to matter greatly. Without that, he's just be a faster dolt.



Araytigre posted a comment on Thursday 29th May 2014 2:08pm

This story is too much fun. Naturally, it is from Ron's perspective (the first of this type that I recall reading), and you have captured his methodology perfectly (in my humble opinion, lol). It's almost hard to believe of a Ron that can keep a secret like this a secret, but it would appear that he can (for now, lol). I look forward to reading more as they come out. Thank You. TTFN

Patches posted a comment on Monday 26th May 2014 3:18am

Ron did a good job. I'm glad he understands his abilities better now and the sorting hat told him what happened to save his life when he was almost hit by lightning. He is trying to be a hero and it was good he tried to take the blame for Hermione. I'm glad McGonagal saw it the way she did. I look forward to more of this story. pms

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 25th May 2014 11:41pm

Leave it to Ron to not know what the Idiom "wiz" means. I know why Ron chose it. The others don't. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

Fanboyimus Prime posted a comment on Wednesday 14th May 2014 11:15pm

Interesting. Though does Ron know about the Flash foe Doctor Alchemy who uses the Philospher's Stone? Yes the Philospher's Stone going by the comics.

And the Post Crisis material count as in Doctor Fate and the Spectre having been public heroes as part of the JSA?

Plus does Ron know about Felix Faust and his pretty much public thumbing his nose at the rules of secrecy?

Clell65619 replied:

Ron know of Dr. Alchemy, yes, but hasn't encountered him and is unaware of his access to 'a' Philospher's Stone (which may or may not be the same as Flamel's stone, but that won't be addressed in story)  Remember, Ron has been a Speedster for just over a year at this point and his interaction with the wider DC Universe has been limited to mostly Barry and the Titans.


So, Faust and Fate and Spectre aren't really people he would have encountered... yet.



Riegert8 posted a comment on Monday 12th May 2014 7:52pm

well written story

Fanboyimus Prime posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2014 12:46pm

Fasinating. Though one question. Will Hermione be related to a Dawn and Holly Granger aka Dove and Hawk respectively?

Clell65619 replied:

No, only Ron gets powered up in this one.

philh1985 posted a comment on Monday 28th April 2014 5:29pm

I like this story, but I definitely want to see more of it! I would love to see Ron in the big battle with him using his superspeed.

gadriam posted a comment on Monday 28th April 2014 3:14am

Yes. I like. Very much so. Ron is a great target for taunting, bashing, flaying, nostrilling and tubso but as he's written, he's a regular guy. This appears to focus on that, and i want to read the whole story quite badly.

Good job.


Anansii posted a comment on Sunday 27th April 2014 11:13pm

Grin. Something tells me Voldie literally won't know what hit him. :)

Riegert8 posted a comment on Sunday 27th April 2014 7:23pm

The best I can say it's well written story

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