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Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Saturday 1st October 2016 10:31am for The Callipygian

Good for Harry. Too many authors write him sexless, and I don't care if he is the Chosen One, he is still a hormonal teenager.

David Thacker posted a comment on Tuesday 14th December 2010 9:04pm for The Callipygian

That was great.And there is so much you could do with this idea.

normalguycap posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd November 2010 1:12pm for The Callipygian

I think your authors notes were funnier than the story. A good read. Thank you.

Abraxan posted a comment on Tuesday 12th October 2010 6:10pm for The Callipygian

Cute story! And I enjoyed the AN at the ends too!


Wolfric posted a comment on Thursday 4th February 2010 10:41pm for The Callipygian

Well, I learned a new word. Good story. Thanks for writing. W.

Anansii posted a comment on Wednesday 20th January 2010 2:54am for The Callipygian

Snerk - to quote Animalympics "The way to beat Rene is to get an early lead and break his concentration."

Jamey posted a comment on Sunday 17th January 2010 9:20pm for The Callipygian

I have to agree. There's just something magical about spandex on the female body. Magical enough that I find I prefer leotards and one-piece swimsuits to bikinis. It's like body painting that can be taken off and worn again. Truly incredible.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Sunday 17th January 2010 2:01pm for The Callipygian

Very good story