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Slytherin66 posted a comment on Sunday 11th December 2011 9:00am for The Ball

Just brilliant with many nice twists to known events Cho/Krum makes far more sense and I do like Harry/Susan.

It was a nice idea to mention Cedric's friends and having Amelia stand in rather than Percy.

I did feel sorry for Fleur I hope she does get a gift but I loved what she did to Draco causing such an incident will strain UK/France relations. I wonder who the father of Draco really is or what the reason is he is so un Slytherin did Sirius Black and the Lady Malfoy have a family meeting taking always pure to heart?

Ron really is a fool I hope the notes people took of Fleur dealing with him are educational and make it into a book Fleur should have set him on fire to I hope she won't marry a Weasley this time. Ron really is a child all those kids reduced the Weasley Gene Pool or inbreeding caught up with them. I was always so disapointed when Harry accepted his poor appology in the books.

Harry's thoughts were funny about the bath and Cedric. I am pleased for once the Ball went well for Harry. It's good the Puffs like Harry but I never really liked Hannah after how Harry was treated in second year but a Hufflepuff counterpart would be good for Harry he would value loyalty and knowing Amelia will be handy and Susan would not have a problem with Harry fighting or killing dark wizards as thats what her aunt does.

I think too people would expect Harry to marry a pure blood or half blood and Susan could help him cope with the magical world. I wonder how Albus is dealing with all this and will Crouch Jr answer an important question about polyjuice if he gets a girl pregnant will it be a Crouch or Moody the family tree could get very interesting.

IssaBissa posted a comment on Thursday 8th December 2011 12:19pm for The Ball

certainly interesting!

dan26 posted a comment on Thursday 8th December 2011 1:33am for The Ball

Actually you seem to prefer exotic and intellectual types of girls sense lavender brown and pavarati patil don't do a thing for you

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 6th December 2011 5:42pm for The Ball

::shrug:: Really, it's the only answer that makes sense. Even in canon Draco has neither Lucius' power nor cunning and while that *might* be chalked up to his being a spoiled brat pureblood; given his egregious stupidity here (he's making *Ron* look good), there's got to be more.

I'm rather looking forward to seeing what else happens here as several folk become further dicomfitted as Harry does things his way, not theirs. I admit, I do quite like the Harry/Susan and Hermione/Cedric pairings as both make a lot of sense.

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 4th December 2011 7:44pm for The Ball

Update soon. Thanks for writing.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 4th December 2011 2:27pm for The Ball

Cribbing a bit from "Cary", are we? Still, 'twas an interesting bit and I have to love what Fleur did to Draco (I wonder how she'll react to Harry thanking with a present?). 'Twas an enjoyable Ball scene and you've worked in some very nice twists ('twill be most amusing to witness Ron's "reactions" and see him get smacked down by Harry and everyone else). I can help but wonder if there's another Malfoy named "Lucius" nearby in the family tree who could be Draco's real father (it would explain much). I could just see *this* Lucius letting down his guard on his wedding night, getting too drunk to "perform", and being replaced by the other one so that Narcissa could enjoy the night.

Clell65619 replied:

- Just a bit from Carrie, yeah. I just asked myself what could Draco do that could possibly cause Fleur to deploy her 'nuclear option'... And the vat of blood seemed to fit.

- Damn it Evan. I want to go on record for pointing out that I have already written the scene where the memory of Lucius' rogue ne'r-do-well uncle 'Slappy' Malfoy is recalled.

Matthew Blair posted a comment on Sunday 4th December 2011 11:57am for The Ball

I like that fact that Lucius is almost a likeable character in this. It is a nice change from the usual evil conniving bastard.

XRaiderV1 posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 3:38pm for The Ball

outstanding work.

happyreader posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 11:48am for The Ball

thank you,,,,, your story ideas continue to amaze and amuse me.
bye........ happyreader

Rage and Light posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 11:30am for The Ball

This is a great story and I am enjoying it very much, what happened to Malfoy was funny and I am curious as to Lucius's rather tame response, and what was that spell he kept trying to cast? I hope to see more soon


Katsuhito posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 11:02am for The Ball

This is a neat story - very amusing. I do hope, though, that Draco learns his lesson and becomes at least slightly less useless. I'm all for Malfoy bashing, but I never thought of him as stupid. (Maybe not smart, but not dumb either - at least average IQ.)

Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter, just like many of your other works. <nudge nudge> :)

loiosh posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 10:17am for The Ball

love this story!

Samantha posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 9:50am for The Ball

Well done. I laughed the whole way through the first two chapters. Looking forward to more.

Thalia posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 9:12am for The Ball

Ha, the pleasure of changed little things and consequences... most of all, the pleasures of rocks in ponds and their waves :D
And don't think I didn't catch the implications of Draco being willing to make Pottah pay! :p
Only one thing left to say: more, more, more!



DrT posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 9:05am for The Ball

quote: "Harry sighed. It always seemed like he was the only one with no clue as to what was going on." Yep, that's canon at least (as is Draco's stupidity, IMO)! and good use of Dean, btw.

Gaelyn posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 5:28am for The Ball

One of these times....Lucius will get lucky. It'll say something like, "Gilderoy Lockhart" on it. Maybe after Draco "stumbles" on him at the hospital. That would explain so much.

Great chapter! I am looking forward to the next installment.

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 2:37am for The Ball

This is excellent. I love the changes you made for the ball lineup. Hermione going with Cedric was great. Susan asking Harry was cute. I love the way that Harry stumbled through that. Cho going with Krum was really different. I can't imagine her giving up Cedric for Krum but she did like high profile men. You can't beat the best professional seeker in the league. Cedric is nice. I liked the way he talked to Harry. Harry warning Cedric was very appropriate. I liked Cedric's reaction. The cunning surprise Draco pulled was really stupid. Especially when he did it wrong and in front of all the wrong people. I can't blame Lucius for questioning if Draco is really his son. Draco hasn't learned a thing though. He still blames Harry for what happened to him. All because Draco missed his target. I look forward to more of this story. pms

Fic Chick posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 1:57am for The Ball

I enjoyed this chapter, although I do question the believability of Ron being familiar with the term, wingman.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 12:51am for The Ball

Good chapter

Full_Pensieve posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2011 12:06am for The Ball

Dress robes that look like Regency-era draperies mothballed for a century? Ten Knuts.

Dr. Glossolalia's Kwik-Speak French lessons, so you can understand every word when Fleur Delacour figuratively defenestrates you? Two Galleons and nine Sickles.

Neville Longbottom telling you you're a wally? Priceless. :D

Mike [FP]

Clell65619 replied:

- Hey, Neville's the Man! As a Tee Shirt I have so proudly states "Neville could have gotten it done in 4 books"

- The next chapter of Technomage will offer a look at the Longbottoms not often shown.