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Lostinfantry posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2012 4:11pm for The Beginning

First time I've ever read acrossover like this. Very good so far.

ChianaZhaan posted a comment on Monday 28th May 2012 9:22am for The Beginning

An amusing crossover between Harry Potter and Bewitched.

So Salazar Slytherin Senior is the good guy, while Salazar Slytherin Junior is the bad guy. And Rowena Ravenclaw (but using her real name Clara again) destroyed Voldemort. It's actually more believable than the sequence of events from the books.

The only jarring thing in the story was the three year time skip.

And now an update! I read it again and it remains amusing.


sweetie_v2003 posted a comment on Friday 11th May 2012 4:47pm for The Beginning


Allisan posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2012 7:10am for The Beginning

oh my god, i was 3/4 the way through before everything clicked; this is a cross over with bewitched! how clever you are! i love the story...and i love how you have depicted sam and darrin. thanks for sharing!

Carol Layland posted a comment on Friday 6th April 2012 3:27pm for The Beginning

As usual with the talent that the authors on this site your story delight and truly follows a distinct pattern of logic and true imagination. I am very choosy about crossoversbecause usually they are clumbsy and poorly done but like Bobmin's mutant storm this story looks like it will be a delight to read and will truly be fun. Endora as one of Harry's grandmothers is, I am sure, going be a barrel of laught and I am going to be very happy with this story as it unfolds. Carol

The Seeker posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2012 8:12pm for The Beginning

This is the first HP/Bewitched xover I've read, and what a treat it is. Beyond the fun of putting them together, I am most pleased by the endless possibilities of Dumbledore being outclassed at every turn. Excellent start!

Fic Chick posted a comment on Sunday 4th March 2012 7:08am for The Beginning

What a clever xover idea. I hope there'll be more.

jgkitarel posted a comment on Wednesday 15th February 2012 8:47am for The Beginning

Even better, can you imagine if Clara decided to visit her old stomping grounds? The fact that she wold be the one to set certain records straight, such as it being Salazar's son who did the evil deed, not the founder.

Of course, the Grey Lady will have an interesting issue there.

crazyjim87 posted a comment on Thursday 1st December 2011 6:41am for The Beginning

Can i ask you if you are planning on updating the story? I would like to read more of it as it is one of my favorites. Plus i would like to see dumbledore agains endora+clara+samantha if he tries anything. Can you imagine the fun?

Addlcove posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2011 4:30am for The Beginning

more please :)

Hawklan posted a comment on Thursday 22nd September 2011 12:03pm for The Beginning

nice start and I like how Clara has dealt with Voldy now i wonder what the old bastard will try.

Amylin Christin posted a comment on Wednesday 24th August 2011 11:25am for The Beginning

I really liked the staet of this fic. It's an interesting idea and I am curious as to how it will continue.

RyokoTenchi posted a comment on Monday 15th August 2011 10:25pm for The Beginning

This is an amazing fic and i cannot wait to see where you take it.

I did not know what you were crossing it over with till Sam entered the picture lol this was an awesome idea! Good Work!

sffilk posted a comment on Friday 12th August 2011 10:48am for The Beginning

So when are you going to do more of this?

Tenchifew posted a comment on Monday 8th August 2011 4:31am for The Beginning

Really interesting premise. The power difference is very big, but this would make for an excellent humor full story.
Thank you for writing.

Mieryn posted a comment on Tuesday 19th July 2011 8:09pm for The Beginning

Quite an interesting idea you got there! I must admit that I didn't realise right away this was a crossover with bewitched!!

Can't wait to read more!

OlorinBlack posted a comment on Monday 4th July 2011 3:48am for The Beginning

I happen to be enjoying this story quite well, and would love to know as soon as you have a new chapter of it ready

slashslut posted a comment on Sunday 3rd July 2011 7:06pm for The Beginning

wasnt sure what to except, but really like this xover! more, please!!!!

Vilkath posted a comment on Saturday 2nd July 2011 10:27pm for The Beginning

I have to say I really love this idea and I look forward to seeing where it could go. I am also very impressed that the author did not fall into the trap many do when crossing over two series with very different levels of power, making them equal. Far to many good idea's die out because the author tried to make Hogwarts magic equal to or better than other series and ruined the story for me. I am just glad to not have to worry about 'The Great Albus Dumbledore' beating Smantha at magic any time soon.

bannanacupcakes posted a comment on Saturday 2nd July 2011 4:28pm for The Beginning

Excellent! please update soon :)