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Loki1 posted a comment on Monday 23rd September 2019 8:29pm

I don't know why-maybe because I've read this fic so many times-that I can totally see this happening to Harry in RL. He does seem to be helped by a huge dose of sheer dumb luck, doesn't he?

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Tuesday 27th August 2019 5:35am


Illuviar posted a comment on Thursday 16th August 2018 11:34am

This was one of the most entertaining stories I've read lately. Great work!

noylj posted a comment on Monday 3rd April 2017 11:18am

You forgot to have Harry retroactively report all failures of Albus to meet minimum inspection standards. At a minimum:

1) failure to detect possessed professor and multiple attempts on students' lives

2) failure to detect possessed student by dark object "horcrux" and multiple attempts to kill students by basilisk, including multiple petrifactions leading to failure to provide education as paid for by students, thus malfeasance, child endangerment, and child abuse

3) failure to maintain safe housing for self-appointed dependent leadign to multiple counts of child endangerment, child abuse, attemped murder, and refusal to provide adequate medical care.

LanceFan2001 posted a comment on Sunday 26th March 2017 11:08pm

What a wonderful take on the triwizard tournament! Kind of reminds me of roschart's blot's mr black series. the only problem i had was that it ended! excellent work!!!

20cent posted a comment on Monday 6th February 2017 4:43pm

Sooo funny :)

AK posted a comment on Wednesday 9th December 2015 9:04pm

Not sure how active you are these days, but this story was great. Put a smile on my face for the whole evening! cheers

PyroVortex posted a comment on Sunday 8th February 2015 5:47am

This was a refreshingly hilarious read. Much appreciated.

James Benfield posted a comment on Monday 2nd February 2015 8:40am

This is like a M.o.M variation on Rorschach's Blot's Make A Wish story, I love it! I do wish it were longer though, pleny of amusing places this could have gone.

chrwain01 posted a comment on Thursday 23rd October 2014 7:25am

fun, if somewhat twisted.

I kept expecting some line about not expecting the magical auditors (inqusitition?)

It might have been a nice touch to reveal the thirteen month thing with another notice of intent?

Anansii posted a comment on Thursday 23rd October 2014 12:10am

Now that's downright hilarious. And possibly my favorite version of the Triwizard Tournament yet. (Depends on if Bobmin's Queen Who Fell To Earth counts since after all it ends with the first task.) Applause!!

TangledPencils posted a comment on Saturday 11th October 2014 2:52pm

This story is brilliant, I love the type of humour you've used here, and really enjoy stories of this type. Well done!

potterfrkintx posted a comment on Monday 6th October 2014 10:41am

What a fun story to read! I will admit I've been reading stories on for quite some time now, but have never give you a shot. I'm begining to realize that that was a HUGE mistake! I found this story to be engaging, adventurous, and down right, gut busting, hilarious! I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Bthumper posted a comment on Wednesday 1st October 2014 12:00pm

Only a truly twisted mind would write this out of thin air. I LOVED it and the Bureaucracy was exquisite. Thank you for giving me a good read. Have an excellent day.


rockeye posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2014 12:02am

This was great.

SailorAlgol posted a comment on Sunday 21st September 2014 7:37pm

Oh, I hope you continue this someday.

I would love to see how he would deal with Umbitch in fifth year!

That said, I've loved every word of this!

akhtum71 posted a comment on Friday 12th September 2014 7:23pm

god i loved this story.truly inspiring and different.hope u keep em coming

Michael Cornfoot posted a comment on Sunday 7th September 2014 4:57pm

i hope another chapter is on its way as this story is great

JoyeJ posted a comment on Sunday 31st August 2014 2:07am

I got a huge kick out of this. thanks again! :)

JoyeJ posted a comment on Sunday 31st August 2014 1:35am

I absolutely love this story. I can't thank you enough for sharing it. LOL Brilliant!!