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Disclaimer: In the not-too-distant past; call it 1998, A.D. there was a guy named Harry, not too different than you or me. He worked in a magical world all day, just doing magic stuff to pay his way; He did his job well with a cheerful face, but the Universe didn't like him, so it shot him into space.
They made him fight space wizards, the worst ever made. But Harry says when you got lemons, you have to make lemonade. Now keep in mind he can't control when the fights begin or end. Because he was recruited by some space heroes and used to further their good guy ends.
Legion roll-call:

Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Triad, White Witch!

And so many others
If you're wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts; Just repeat to yourself "It's just a HP/Superhero fic, I should really just relax!" while reading:

Harry Potter and the Legion

Chapter 3. Revival

[1:1] in the beginning there was the work,

[1:2] the wizards were slovenly and without discipline. Their houses were disheveled and filth covered the floors and walls of the magical homes.

[1:3] the elves came to work, to cook the meals, to clean the houses, to repair all the things that wizards broke in their haste and brutality.

[1:4] But the elves were not appreciated by the wizards, and yes, they were punished for mistakes real and imagined.

[1:5] Then Mr. Harry Potter, Sir said unto Dobby, "Sit down and let us speak"; and Mr. Harry Potter, Sir saw the Elves as equals.

[1:6] And Dobby saw Mr. Harry Potter, Sir to be a great and powerful wizard, who stood against the bad masters in defense of elves and wizards alike.

[1:7] So Mr. Harry Potter, Sir freed Dobby from his bad master and called Dobby his friend. No wizard had called an elf friend before. This was a new thing that Mr. Harry Potter, Sir had done.

[1:8] And so, Dobby was a free elf, but he bound himself to Mr. Harry Potter, Sir, in secret so that he might serve a great wizard who was also his friend.

[1:9] And Mr. Harry Potter, Sir said, "Dobby, do not punish yourself. If you learn that you are wrong, learn from the wrongness to understand that which is right. Let that which is right guide you through life and I think I'm going to make a sandwich, would you like one?" And it was so.

[1:10] Mr. Harry Potter, Sir called the Hoggywarts Castle home, the Wizards silly, and the Elves, friends, and the Acromantula scary buggers. And Mr. Harry Potter, Sir saw that it was good.

[1:11] After the great battle where Mr. Harry Potter, Sir destroyed the evil Lich Lord, Mr. Harry Potter, Sir said, "Dobby, I have to go away for a while. Take care of yourself, Dobby, and if you can, watch out for the Weasleys, the Castle, and She Who Knits, for despite her fiendish plan, she means well. When I get back we'll see what we can do to make life better for all the Elves." And it was so.

Excerpt from the Book of Dobby; Beginnings, Verses 1:1 through 1:11.

--== LEGION ==--

"How about 'Abra Kadabra'?" Chuck Taine asked.

"Pass," Harry responded while looking around the vast interior spaces of the Legion Headquarters. The reestablishment of EarthGov had led the Legionnaires to return to their home.

"Just as well," Brainiac 5 sighed. "That name is already taken by a time traveling villain from the 46th century."

"Hokus Pokus?" Rokk suggested.

"No," Harry said, while attempting to determine if the Legion Headquarters actually was larger on the inside than it was on the outside or if it was all just an optical illusion.

"Another pseudonym for Abra Kadabra," Brainiac noted.

"Let's just call him 'Magic Boy' and be done with it," Garth interjected.

"I'm 18 years old, and I'm not a Boy, not a Lad, sure as hell not a Kid," Harry disagreed. "Also, fuck you."

"Magic Man?" Imra asked hesitantly.

"While I might have 'magic hands'," Harry said with a small grin. "Unfortunately, my eyes are green, which sort of ruins lyrical tone of the song. Besides, who wants to hear women explaining their relationships to their mothers?"

"What?" Imra asked in confusion.

"We could just use 'Magik'" Lournu suggested.

"Already taken by a time and dimension travelling witch who tends to get all kinds of stabby with her soul sword when annoyed," Harry explained. "Since you all insist that I need to use a code name, I've got the perfect one to use."

"What?" Lournu asked.

"Harry," he said simply. "Harry Potter if anyone wants to be formal."

"But you have to have a code name," Rokk insisted.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"To protect your loved ones," Imra explained.

"What loved ones, and protect them from what?" Harry demanded. "Everyone I know has been dead for a thousand years."

"Oh, come on everyone," Gim Allon laughed. "If Harry wants to use his name, let him. The only reason most of us use code names is for the tradition of it, it's not like who we are is any kind of secret, we don't wear masks, it would only take a moderately intelligent AI to figure out what our names are. I've always thought the whole code name thing was stupid, but I went along with it because everyone else did."

"Harry it is then," Brainiac 5 announced. "On to more important matters. Earth is wizard free…"

"Except for Mysa and me," Harry interjected.

"Yes, except for Mysa and you," Brainiac 5 sighed, "and you two are, currently, the only exceptions to the prohibition of magic users on Earth just passed by the reconstituted EarthGov. Mordru's forces are in control of 1329 worlds, and we need to do something about removing them."

"Why?" Harry asked. "It seems to me the problem is Mordru. Knock him down and his followers are more likely to turn on each other than continue with his war."

"Our primary concern about Mordru's new empire is that his forces are making incursions into Khund and Dominator space. This could possibly lead to war with those two empires."

"That would be good, wouldn't it?" Harry asked. "Opening up Mordru to more enemies, I mean."

"Unfortunately, neither the Khund nor Dominators recognize the dissolution of the United Planets. They will see an attack from Mordru's forces as an attack by the United Planets," Imra explained.

"Harry has proven himself to be a powerful wizard," Mysa pointed out. "Perhaps the most prudent approach would be to send him and our most magic resistant members to confront Mordru."

"What she said," Harry added helpfully.

"There might be a problem with that," Gim said, "When the Wizards were here, they trashed the EarthGov Fleet, all the UP ships in system and our Legion Cruisers. Until we find something else, we're stuck here."

--== LEGION ==--

"Mysa," Harry asked. "Do you have a moment?"

The White Witch stopped and turned to face the Legend of Magic, "How can I help you, Harry?"

"I know this is probably a stupid question, but has anyone considered that space ships damaged by magic might be repaired by magic?"

The young woman's brow furrowed. "I'm not sure that would be a good idea, Harry. There would be a lot of resistance to anyone using magic around people."

"They didn't seem to mind when we brought them back from being salt statues," Harry noted. "Would it hurt to ask?"

Mysa considered his point for a moment before nodding. "We can but ask. Brainiac 5 is resistant to the use of magic under the best of conditions… It might be best if we approached EarthGov via Gim."

--== LEGION ==--

"Absolutely not" the Admiral shouted.

Marte Allon cast a cool glance toward the man before turning her attention back to Harry. "While I feel Admiral Clouseau is over reacting, Mr. Potter, I have to agree revealing classified systems to an untrained civilian would be not a wise thing to do."

"I can understand your position, Madam President," Harry nodded, "In my own time, the likelihood of someone like me being allowed access to military systems would be laughable."

"So you know that we won't be allowing you access to our systems that you would probably duplicate with your infernal magic," Admiral Jacques Clouseau sneered.

Harry smiled, wondering if the man knew of his 20th century namesake.

"Admiral, Madam President, you are both giving me far too much credit. As Gim explained, I am from the 20th century. In my time, space craft capable of interstellar flight were the things of Science Fiction Movies and novels. Then you add in the fact that I was educated as a Wizard. This means that I have the Science and Math skills of an English primary school boy of the late 20th century."

"Then what do you imagine that you can do?" One of the members of the EarthGov Council asked.

"One of the wonders of magic is that what specifically needs to be done is utterly aside the point," Harry smiled. "What truly matters is the intent of the caster. I don't have to know what it is that your technical marvel does, I just have to intend for it to be repaired. Why don't I show you? Does anyone have something that needs repair? Preferably, something that you've never been able to have repaired because the skills are lost or the expense would be too high?"

There were a few moments of discussion among the assembled EarthGov before a woman stood up in the midst of the Council. "I have an antique timepiece, which has been handed down in my family for centuries. During the attack of the Wizards, it was physically damaged. It has never worked, but now it is physically marred. I brought it with me today in hopes of finding an artisan capable of repairing its physical form, but if you could repair it, I would appreciate it, forever."

The woman approached Harry to hand him a crumpled silver device.

Harry recognized the piece as a Nurse's Watch. A small watch that hung from a chain attached to a small badge inscribed with:

Jen Kessen, RN

Mercy Hospital

The watch's crystal was shattered, the hands missing, and the face unrecognizable.

Harry considered the watch for a moment. Repairing a watch that was lacking so many of its parts would take quite a bit of doing. With that in mind, he pulled the Elder Wand from his pocket, made the appropriate movements and muttered "Reparo!"

The Council chamber became utterly silent as the dozens of government officials utilized the technology of the room to monitor what Harry was doing. When the ancient watch began to flex in his hand there were gasps throughout the chamber.

"Tempus" Harry chanted. He then pulled the stem on the watch and set the time on the watch before pushing the stem back in and winding the stem 10 times. Raising the watch to his ear, he smiled.

"Here you go," Harry handed the watch back to its owner, "Fixed."

"It's beautiful," she gushed, "Better than it ever was…" she looked up in shock. "It's working ?"

"There you have it," Harry said quietly, "I have no understanding of just how a clockwork watch works, but I repaired it simply by having access to it. Similarly, I have no understanding of the workings of a modern space ship, but there is a chance that I might be able to repair one."

The Council chamber was silent as they considered his demonstration.

"Seriously people," Harry laughed. "Your choices are waiting the five months the admiral projected for the repair of your 'space dock' and then another six months for the first of your ships to be repaired enough to start being useful, or you could take a chance on me being able to fix one of your ships in about five minutes. What do you have to lose?"

"What do you want for your efforts?" The President of Earth asked.

"Access to a ship capable of getting me to Zerox," Harry explained. "Not possession, just access. The Legionnaires have agreed to crew it, so there would be no risk to your people. I was brought to this time to challenge Mordru, the sooner I get the job done, the sooner I can at least try to go home."

The Council conferred behind their privacy shields for several minutes before they returned.

"The Council has decided to take a chance with you, Harry Potter, with one condition…"

--== LEGION ==--

Somehow, Harry found the engine room of the UPS Magellan to be somewhat disappointing.

Oh, sure, it was futuristic and all that, filled to the brim with equipment that he wouldn't be able to identify on the best day of his life, but still…

A thousand years had passed, and it appeared that Star Ship development had plateaued at the level of mid Captain Kirk. Or at least at an approximation of the few bits of Star Trek that he had managed to see through the louvers of his cupboard door.

He looked about the cavernous space with the evidence of magical sabotage everywhere around him. It was odd, really, he'd only been aboard for an hour, long enough for the ship's captain to make it very clear that he was only allowing Harry to try to fix things because of orders he had received from his superiors and for him to be banished to the engine room where most of the damage had been done. The oddness came from the room itself. Now that he was off the Earth, (and part of him was freaked out by that) the background magic had receded to what felt more like 'normal' levels, but this ship… It was as if magic had permeated the very metals and ceramics used in its construction.

~ I don't know why you're wasting our time, ~ the ship's Executive Officer voice bloomed in Harry's mind, pulling the young wizard from his musings, ~ It's not like a primitive like you could understand our systems. ~

"One of the best things about being a primitive," Harry snarked, "is that I can think about how a polite society would treat a visitor who is only trying to help while you're telling me about how civilized you are. Multitasking, you see."

"It is unwise," Imra interjected, shooting a glare at the older woman, "for a Titan to make comments about civilization, and it is rude to use telepathy on a verbal sophont. Have the protocols of Psion been forgotten in your climb up the ranks?"

"People, people, people," Harry sighed. "Let's all play nice, shall we? Be realistic, Imra. No naval officer of my time would have been happy to have someone with my level of education anywhere near their engine room. Commander Greelar is only being cautious."

"Harry," the blonde woman sighed. "You are trying to help."

"And the Commander knows that her superiors feel that they have no choice," Harry pointed out. "After her recent experiences with magic users it is not surprising that she doesn't trust me, and I don't blame her."

Harry turned to the UP officer and continued. "No, Commander, I do not understand your ship's engines, but there is a fair possibility I can fix them. If it turns out that I'm wrong, then we've wasted fifteen minutes while you wait for your turn in the Space Dock."

"Your berth at the dock is 18 months away," Mysa suggested helpfully.

The officer fumed silently and Harry turned to look at the closest panel.

"Hmm," he hummed, drawing the Elder wand, "Nope, no idea what it does. Reparo!"

The metal and plastics of the console appeared to flex back into a recognizable shape, lens reformed in place and indicators lit up.

"Well that part worked," Harry noted. "And it appears that the power is still on, which is good I guess. Is this thing doing what it's supposed to do?"

The Executive Officer gestured and a technician moved to the console, his fingers playing over the controls. "Main propulsion is on line," he said in amazement, self-diagnostic is running, and has found no errors, but I can't check any further until the Engineering core is online."

"Where is this 'Engineering core?" Harry asked curiously, "Let's get this show on the road."

--== LEGION ==--

Several dozen Reparos later, Harry sat on one of the control chairs with a drink he was told was tea, but which tasted almost exactly unlike tea and sighed. "I may have overestimated my abilities to fix things… Either that or I underestimated how much damage Mordru's followers had done."

"You're too hard on yourself, Harry," Imra said, "in the hour you've been at it, you've fixed systems that were expected to take months to repair using normal methods."

"It will take time," Mysa agreed.

Harry's brow furrowed for a moment. "Mysa, if I teach you the spell, could you preform it?"

"Unfortunately, no," the woman said shaking her head. "The form of magic I have studied does not involve an external focus, rather is uses my body as the focus of my spells. This involves a far higher level of magic over most users of external foci, but has limitations in the number of spells I have access to at one time, as their invocation involves memorization and study to prepare for the casting."

"I've watched Mysa do her magic many times, and each time I am amazed," Imra interjected.

"I can currently prepare to cast an even dozen spells as my maximum," Mysa continued, clearly embarrassed by her friend's assessment. "As is the nature of my magic, once I cast my spell, the specifics of the spell are wiped from my mind, and I must repeat the preparation rituals to regain it."

Before Harry would ask another question, the trio were interrupted.

"Mr. Potter," Commander Geelar approached them respectfully, "I would like a chance to apologize for my earlier attitude. Our engine room systems now all check out as being in better condition than when they were new. Whatever you did dialed in the calibrations of the various subsystems and caused the different subsystems to mesh into a single entity. Whatever they're paying you, it isn't enough."

"So, the engine room is done?" Harry asked hopefully. "What's next?"

"The Power Room," the Executive Officer of the UFPS Magellan said with a large smile. "The Zeroxians never went near it, and as far as we can tell, there is nothing wrong with it, but we were hoping that you might work your magic on it."

--== LEGION ==--

Once he was standing in the center of the Power Room, Harry stood stock still, his mouth open in shock as he stared at a crystal the size of a large beach ball pulsing the air around him in time with his heartbeat.

Pulsed with magic.

"That's a ward crystal," he said once he regained the ability to speak.

"No," Commander Geelar said with a shake of his head. "That's a Power Crystal. It powers all ships systems."

Harry reached out hesitantly and touched the crystal that hovered silently above its containment crystal. Some of the most intense magic he had ever experienced flooded his consciousness.

No wonder magic seemed to be everywhere in the all Muggle ship. They were powering it off a massive ward crystals. If he had some ward stones, he could…

Harry blinked as the idea formed. Surely it couldn't be that easy…

"Harry?" Mysa asked. "Are you all right?"

"I need to go check something," Harry said quietly. "Commander, are all the ships powered by these crystals?"

"They are," the woman admitted.

"Yeah, I really need to go," Harry nodded. "Ladies, I'm not sure how long this is going to take, I'll meet you at your Headquarters as soon as I figure a few things out."

"What things, Harry?" Imra asked.

"It will sound crazy," Harry said shaking his head. "I don't want to say anything until I know for certain it will work."

The three women watched as the Wizard from the 20th Century vanished from sight.

"I wish he wouldn't do that," Mysa sighed. "It makes me feel so inadequate."

"Where did he go?" The Magellan's Executive officer asked incredulously.

"He used a lost form of teleportation," Imra explained. "A skill beyond ability of modern magic users."

"There were giants in ancient times," Mysa agreed. "And he was the most powerful of them all."

--== LEGION ==--

"Harry," the portrait said cheerfully. "You've come back for a visit."

"I couldn't stay away, Headmaster," Harry couldn't help but laugh at the enthusiasm of the painting. "I'm here hoping that you might be open to teaching me something."

Lamont smiled, "Of course, Harry, teaching was my life after all, and it's not like I have much else to do."

--== LEGION ==--

A slight snap echoed in Brainiac 5's personal lab. The 12th level intellect reacted immediately, his hand flew to the controls of his force field belt as he turned his attention to the invader.

"Brainiac," Harry Potter said brightly. "Just the lad I wanted to see."

"Where have you been?" the Coulan demanded. "Five days without a word, we thought you had been kidnapped, or worse."

"Well, gosh, Mom," Harry snarked. "I'm sorry I worried you. I had to take a class."

"A class," Brainiac 5 repeated.

"Yeah," Harry agreed placing a large satchel on the table. "Anyway, can you duplicate these?"

Querl raised a single eyebrow as the man from the past revealed six palm sized slabs of granite. Examining the slabs, he nodded slowly. "Easily. What are they for?"

"Repairing the spaceships."

"Starships," Brainiac corrected automatically. "How can a few pieces of carved rock repair a starship?"

"A 'few pieces of carved rock' can't," Harry admitted. "But these are ward stones. When properly placed about a starship with a power crystal, properly carved ward stones can."

"Magic," Querl sighed.

"Yep," Harry agreed. "There are lots of things that you can do with wards, fire suppression, intruder defense, and one that was overlooked a lot back home, maintenance of the building they are set on. If we put these in the correct places on the starships, they should, over time, heal the ship."

"Heal the ship?" Querl asked, feeling a bit faint.

"Yeah," Harry agreed happily. "It will be a lot slower than me doing it to each ship's systems individually, but if we can get enough of these beasts, repairing the fleet will take a fraction of the time of me casting charms on each system on each ship one at a time."

Brainiac 5 continued to stare at the Wizard from the past until Harry grinned. "Look, I know what it sounds like, I was unaware that magic even existed until I was 11 years old. It took me a while to actually believe it, but I finally did. I've demonstrated that I can repair complex systems using charms. I was starting to realize just how long it would take to repair an entire ship, much less a fleet, when they showed me the Power Crystal. That's when I got my idea."

"And you learned about using these 'Wards' in a week?" Querl demanded. "Who taught you?"

"Who taught me doesn't matter, because he poses absolutely no threat to anyone," Harry laughed. "And no, I didn't learn about wards, that's a field of study that requires years of study to even become a journeyman. I learned that, yes this specific maintenance ward exists, that took about fifteen minutes, and I learned how to carve the runes. That took the week."

"Just to carve them in stone? Brainiac 5 asked.

"My technique is abysmal," Harry confided, "and I evidently have all the skill at carving stone of your average arthritic baboon, according to my teacher. Still, these six carvings were deemed 'adequate' enough to work."

"Alright," Brainiac 5 nodded. "What was it about the power crystal that inspired this idea?"

"In my time, we called them Ward Crystals," Harry explained. "Finding it explained why everything seemed to be infused with magic on the ship."

"Power Crystals are one of Earth's major exports," Querl mused.

"The ones I saw in the 20th century were about the size of my fist," Harry explained. "The ones you've got on the ships are bloody huge. They should work fine."

Brainiac 5 watched the Wizard walk away as he continued to try and wrap his mind around the concept of a starship that could heal from injuries.

--== LEGION ==--

"What now?" Captain Akins of the UPS Magellan asked as Harry placed the last of his stone plates to the aft most bulkhead of his ship.

"Now, we wait to see if it works," Harry explained. "It worked fine in the Legion's labs, and it worked for a few centuries in various magical homes during my time. No one has ever tired it on a ship before, so we need to wait. If it's any help, the first effects should be seen in the forward portions of the ship, since we established the warding there first."

"Captain, XO," the Captain's personal communicator spoke.

"Captain," Akins said after engaging his communicator. "Go ahead XO,"

"Sir," Harry recognized Commander Geelar's voice, "that bulkhead aft of the bridge that was sprung during the last Khund incursion just repaired itself."

"Repaired itself?" Akins repeated. "We were told that would have to wait until our next yard period to even attempt a repair. Are you sure?"

"I watched it flex and snap into place myself, Captain." Greelar admitted. "Whatever it is Potter has done, is working."

"Structural repair is one thing," Harry cautioned. "The repair of your more complex systems are entirely another. I think we should wait until we start seeing those systems reacting to the wards before we start celebrating anything."

--== LEGION ==--

Harry paused outside the meeting room and sighed. Damn the EarthGov Council and their conditions anyway. They had fifteen functional space craft now, and they were still insisting that he do this this.

"Problem Harry?" Gim asked.

"No," Harry responded, "Nothing wrong."

Harry couldn't help wondering, not for the first time, just what it was he had done to deserve the way the Universe was so intent on treating him, Harry approached the doorway, which hissed as it moved out of his way.

And it was worse than he had imagined. Rather than a conference room, the door opened into a huge auditorium. The room seated at least three thousand uniformed individuals and the aisles were filled with those unable to get a seat.

So, Harry thought, that's what 'standing room only' means.

The worst terror he had ever felt since the first time he stepped in front of the DA gripped Harry's soul. He took a few deep breaths and made his way to the podium at the center of the stage. Pausing to look over his hasty notes, he calmed himself and tried to imagine what the audience looked like in their underwear.

This strategy backfired badly once he realized that those in the front most row were all extremely attractive women. His imagination fully engaged, Harry stood there staring with his mouth open for several seconds until nudged by Gim Allon, who was looking at him like he had gone mad.

"Sorry," Harry said, "I wasn't expecting such a large crowd."

A ripple of laughter moved through the crowd, and Harry continued. "My name is Harry Potter, I'm a wizard from the 20th century. I hope that your ships are working out with their new 'wards'."

Thunderous applause sounded from the room, though there were more than a few boos as well.

"Hey now," Harry said, with both hands up, "I can understand not liking Wizards, but I'm one of the good guys. I fixed your ships, remember?" The reception wasn't all that surprising, really. Still, he reflected, it isn't me they were here for, is it?

Again, Harry centered himself before speaking. "I met Ron Weasley, or as you know him, Roonil Wazlib on the train to school in September 1991…"

Applause echoed throughout the auditorium, far louder than the celebration of his repairing their ships.

Damn you Ron, Harry thought as he moved on to his attempt to satisfy the 31st century's endless curiosity about Ron Weasley.

--== LEGION ==--

Mordru leaned heavily on the left arm of his throne as the last of the Potters were dragged from his presence. The family's penance for failing to hold Earth was only beginning.

How they could be defeated by a single feral hedge wizard of Earth was beyond his imaging.

"Leave me," The Dark Wizard commanded his staff.

It took only seconds for the Master of Zerox to have his privacy. He returned to his throne, and leaned back.

"A native born Earth Wizard?" he mused aloud. "How can this be possible?"

"Magic arose on the Earth once," the most trusted advisor to the Dark Wizard noted. "It is not completely unexpected that it might happen again. What disturbs me is the skill this hedge wizard exhibits. He completely overwhelmed the London coven with a casual ease."

"And he killed a wizard," Mordru mused. "That is a violation of my first rule."

"A wizard who was trying to kill him," the advisor noted. "You cannot hold self-preservation against a powerful, if misguided young man."

Mordru nodded in grudging agreement. "Earth's magic is depleted, all of my forces spoke of the difficulty of performing the simplest of spells there. This is why I gifted it to a clan as strong as the Potters."

"Of course," the old man nodded, once again stroking his beard, "And this hedge wizard, having grown to maturity in that environment might have a slight advantage."

"It was an odd charm he laid upon the London Coven," The Dark Wizard noted, deep in thought, "the illusion of summoning the spirit of a dead man. What would have happened to a man to have him create such a spell? Nearly a week later they still believe what he showed them."

The advisor nodded, stroking his beard in thought. An illusion. Yes it had to be, after all these years. The unnamed wizard couldn't possibly possess the… no that was absurd.

--== LEGION ==--

"Okay," Harry said, arriving in the Legion's Mission Briefing room finding Querl, Imra and Rokk waiting for him, after having been escorted through the barricade surrounding the Legion Headquarters by several officers of the Science Police. "I’m here. What did I do this time?"

Brainiac 5 looked up from his monitors. "I honestly do not know."

"Okay…" Harry agreed expectantly. "So you sent the police after me because…?"

"You were not answering the calls I sent to your ring," Imra answered.

"I've been placing and priming ward stones for two weeks," Harry pointed out. "The Captain of the Free For All was nice enough to offer me a bunk on his ship so that I could finish in the morning. I woke up to find this lot standing in the room."

"I couldn't find you, you weren't answering calls," Brainiac 5 pointed out. "Then these Gentlemen appeared asking for you,"

Harry only noticed the dozen cloaked figures standing at the wall behind the Legionnaires after Brainiac had pointed them out.

"Quite literally appeared, much as you do when you do your teleportation. As this sort of things fits into what I have come to call a ‘Standard Category’ for things likely to involve you," Brainiac-5 continued, actually making the air-quotes hand gestures, "I decided that it would be best to put you in front of it first, sparing us time, credits, energy, resources, and every other possible expenditure, against it."

Harry just blinked, before he began to rub his forehead. "Of course you did. You've seriously defined categories of weirdness just for me?"

"Well, after the incident onboard the Wood Nymph with the Viole…" offered Imra.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Veela, not Viole," he sighed. "And the Veela leaving Earth to form a colony on New Haven in the Tau Ceti system 800 years ago could not even remotely be my fault. Nor is their reaction to the first Wizard they had encountered in all that time my fault either. Took care of that pesky virginity thing too."

Ignoring the discussion, Brainiac 5 turned to the cloaked figures. "You asked for Harry Potter," he said, "Harry Potter is here!"

As one, the group approached him, as they got closer, Harry notice a few oddities about their appearance.

Glamors. He narrowed his eyes and willed his magic to clear his vision. The cloaked figures came into sharp focus, allowing Harry to identify his visitors.

Goblins. Specifically a single goblin from the banking guild and eleven security goblins.

The security horde stopped 10 feet away from Harry, allowing the single banking guild goblin to advance alone.

"Harry Potter," the goblin said in English, his deep voice did not really go with his small stature. "I am Lockspike of Gringotts Bank. We need to speak."

--== LEGION ==--

"What do you want?" Harry asked once he and Lockspike were alone in a small conference room. "I've kept to my side of the bargain. I've not set foot in your bank, I've not touched a galleon, sickle, or knut in a thousand years, and I've not spoken to anyone about our agreement."

"I am here about a matter of honor," the goblin said. "One that we had thought would never be made right with your disappearance."

"I'm listening," Harry said impatiently.

"You are somewhat more… abrupt than your legend suggests," Lockspike noted.

Harry grinned. "You call it abruptness, I call it learning from bitter experience. What do you want?"

"A year and seven months after you disappeared, it was discovered that the management staff of the London Branch of Gringotts had been collaborating with the Dark Lord Voldemort and his Ministry against the interests of Gringotts bank."

Harry looked at the goblin blankly. "And that has what to do with me?"

--== LEGION ==--

"What was that about?" Imra asked after the cloaked visiters had exited the Legion Headquarters.

"My personal banker paid a visit," Harry responded in a dazed manner as he found a seat.

"Banker?" Rokk asked curiously. "I didn't know there were still bankers. Everything has been computerized for centuries. What is that you've got there?"

"It’s my account balance," Harry replied, looking at the numbers on the long roll of parchment. Although he had to hand it to the Goblins, they even when they were vacating their vendetta against him, they found a new way to slide a knife between his ribs and give it a little twist.

"How could you have a balance?" Imra asked. "You haven't done anything that would earn you money, and any accounts you may have had in the 20th century would be worthless as all the banks from that time failed during periods of economic downturns in the times since."

"You seem awfully certain of that," Harry noted.

The blonde's cheeks colored, "We checked when you disappeared the first time."

"Sensible," Harry admitted. "The problem with that is that not every bank is computerized." Harry slid the parchment across the table to Querl. "The Galleon is extinct, and Gringotts doesn't deal in UP Credits, so they put it in grams of gold."

The Coluan actually twitched. "This is an absurd sum, entire planetary governments don't have reserves like this."

"Neat," Harry laughed. "Maybe I can get myself a nice little spaceship… There should be some benefit to being the last wizard on Earth."

"All of this seems to be good news," Imra observed, and while I'm not reading your mind, I am picking up enough of your surface thoughts to know that you're not happy."

"Ah, well, I also got this bit of news, which demonstrated to me that there most specifically wasn't any benefit to being the last wizard on Earth."

Looking at what was written on the second parchment, Harry sighed. Even ten centuries in the future, long after they had left the planet, the Ministry was still messing with him.

"I am the last wand wizard on Earth. The last Earth born wizard, since the phony Potters hadn’t counted for some reason, and I'm sure that little detail will end up biting me on the arse eventually," Harry whined manfully, "Anyway, the goblins have a long term agreement with the Ministry of Magic, and since I am the only wizard, I am the Ministry of Magic."

"And this means… what?" Rokk asked

"It means that I am required by custom, contract, and law, to provide Gringotts bank with a building."

An odd sound came from Brainiac 5 "You’re laughing, aren’t you?" Harry growled.

"I do not laugh," the Coluan protested, before the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. "I have been known to experience a certain level of satisfaction when my hypotheses are correct."

"No one likes a smart arse, Brainy."

"Yes, you've mentioned that in the past I believe," Querl noted blithely.

Harry's glare grew in intensity. "I swear, if the Dementors show up, asking for a place to guard, I’m sending them to your lab."

--== LEGION ==--

Marte Allon led the procession of young heroes to the waiting ship.

"I am truly sorry, Harry," she said, "This is the only ship we can spare until we reestablish security in the Sol Sector. It's a cargo hauler and has no weapons."

"None of the Legion's ships have ever had weapons," Querl Dox pointed out. "We tend to be our own weapons."

"And worst come to worst," Harry grinned, "We'll find out if my magic works in space. I always wanted to be a space wizard back home, to become one with the force and save the princess, who, hopefully, doesn’t turn out to be my sister."

The assembled legionnaires had learned to ignore Potter's 20th century ramblings, though it was a new experience for the President of Earth.

"Well," President Allon said hesitantly, "Good luck with that. The ship is yours, Harry, a gift from a grateful Earth."

Harry blinked. "It's… mine?"

"Yes," Marte nodded. "We felt that it was the least we could do for the man who single handedly brought our fleet back into service."

"I've got a starship?" Harry asked in wonder.

"Harry," Lournu said kindly, "In all honesty, it's an ancient piece of junk."

"It's a starship, it's got the ward stones that are repairing everything back to its original configuration, if not better, and it's mine," Harry disagreed. "I've got a starship!"

"Yes, you do," Querl agreed. "What are you going to call it?"

"I get to name it?"

--== LEGION ==--

Earth shrunk rapidly in the distance while Harry stood in what the passed for an observation deck on his own, personal, starship. The Snorkack .

"So, what is a Snorkack, anyway?" Rokk asked.

"Not a single clue," Harry admitted. "An old friend was always talking about them and no one believed her, not even me. I just decided that anyone just giving me a starship was at least as unlikely as Luna's creatures, so, why not?"

"I wish I could have met your friend," Rokk admitted. "She sounds like someone who could be fun to know."

"If she didn't cause you to stroke out when her crazy ideas run up against your logic," Harry grinned before pointing at something outside the ship. "Is that… Mars?"

"Should be," Rokk said looking curiously at the red disk starting to recede behind the ship. "We should be crossing Mars' orbit about now. Want to go grab something to eat?"

"No," Harry shook his head, still focused on Mars. "I'm going to watch the scenery for a while."

"Okay," Rokk laughed, "Don't forget to eat."

Alone at the view port Earth's last wizard took in the sights he never expected to see. It was all so wonderful, how could the others think of this as being so normal? He couldn't imagine that this endless vista would ever become boring.

--== LEGION ==--

It had taken all of four hours for the wonder to wear off. Harry had come to the conclusion that whatever else faster than light travel via warp drive might be, it was insanely boring.

Still, he was on his way to a planet orbiting another star in his very own personal starship. In the grand scheme of things life didn't get much more interesting than that.

"I was wondering if you would ever peel yourself away from the observation deck," Lournu said, interrupting his musings.

"Give me a break," Harry smiled. "Where I grew up, fewer than a thousand people had been off the planet, and absolutely no one had ever been moving faster than light. I'm allowed to find it interesting."

"Tourist," she snorted faux derision as the pair reached the cabin Harry had claimed as his own. "We've still got four days until we drop back into real space outside Zerox's orbit. Do you have any plans?"

"Not really," Harry admitted.

"Oh, good," the Carggite smiled, pulling him into his own cabin. "I do."

--== LEGION ==--

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