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Mmend15 posted a comment on Sunday 1st November 2015 6:42pm for Chapter 3

haha hahaha. what a clever twist. incredible story, whimsical and entertaining

amsev posted a comment on Sunday 30th December 2012 1:34pm for Chapter 3

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! I love that you literally threw "Dumbledore" under the bus. Excellent story!

jules3677 posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2012 4:06am for Chapter 3

Trolling through some old stories & reread this wonderful parody of "the marriage contract" theme. So liked all the wives, you made them interesting characters in just three chapters. Dumbledore as the ultimate evil is always fun to read. Your Dumbledore character rose to the top of the pile quickly. It was nice to read that one of those "dreadful muggles" ended his reign of evilness. Had a fun time reading your brilliant parody. Thankyou.

gara5289 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2012 3:53pm for Chapter 3

One of the best one-shots i've read in HP.

ozmial posted a comment on Friday 12th October 2012 5:48am for Chapter 3

that was very interesting if anti climatic. but i laughed and smiled. although i raged about some. but all in all a good story thank you for takein the time to write it

Exivus posted a comment on Friday 31st August 2012 8:50pm for Chapter 3

I did not see that coming! Living with Tom as his neighbour on an island simply blew my mind. Very refreshing story and quite humorous. I really enjoyed it.

johann posted a comment on Sunday 18th December 2011 1:46pm for Chapter 3

what a plot twist!! I really enjoyed this fic!!

Sankara posted a comment on Friday 9th December 2011 5:58am for Chapter 3

That really was quite entertaining. Thank you :)

normalguycap posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd August 2011 11:56pm for Chapter 3

Whatever happened to Snape?

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 29th September 2010 4:10am for Chapter 3

This is quite a story. A real turnaround with a great resolution to the "Dumbledore" problem. At least when Harry does die he will have a great smile on his face. Thank you for writing such a great story. pms

Jonez227 posted a comment on Friday 20th August 2010 1:14am for Chapter 3

that was really weird. really really really weird. what a twist. stupid dumbledore. i wanna die from sex though. talk about being a legend

ladysavay posted a comment on Friday 13th August 2010 2:42am for Chapter 3

I have to say this story ruined my otherwise really shitty day by making it even shittier than I could imaginae. I wanted to like it. I kept reading and hoping that some where along this story there would be found some kind of vindidcation, revenge, recomepense and I just kept getting more and more pissed off. My feeling is that is how you planned it. That is, after all the power of the author. Maybe you like being a dark lord if only in words, huh? I know, it's only a story and I should just get over it. I haven't. And any admiration I once had for you is now all gone. It was a really cheap shot to mess with your readers this way.

Clell65619 replied:

- That's a fairly strong reaction to a stupid little story don't you think?

- Yes, the story was plotted out before it was written, with the only variation in that I intended it to be a one shot and that grew into 3 chapters on me. Vindication, revenge, and recompense happen so very rarely in life I'm amazed that you would really expect it, especially when you consider that the story is told as a personal history and I prefaced each chapter with a view of the 'present day' where in Harry was most specifically NOT winning.

- No writer is ever anything so limp wristedly ineffectual as a 'Dark Lord', the writer of any tale is the All Knowing God of the universe (s)he has created wherein characters die at his/her whim, but can be reborn despite the anguished cries of the readers.

- Quite honestly, I have no idea why you would admire me in anyway, so the loss of that admiration doesn't really bother me. And as far as 'messing' with the readers, anyone who has read much of my stuff would know to look for dumbassed twists in the end. This particular twist may be more dumbassed than most, but really, was it all that much of a surprise?

- As with everything YMMV.

- Since you are so dissatisfied, I will of course be refunding the cost of your admission...

- Oh, wait...

Hawklan posted a comment on Thursday 6th May 2010 10:33am for Chapter 3

wow...what a twist. DD being NF and he did all because he was bored. And then dying in a car accident? rofl........

goku90504 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st April 2010 11:49pm for Chapter 3

i'd like to see an alternate ending where harry manages to prove dumbledork is the real dark lord and gets the stone for himself or something but cool as is!

Rekka posted a comment on Friday 9th April 2010 12:11pm for Chapter 3

AWESOME! I can't believe I'm just NOW reading this.

Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 25th January 2010 1:35pm for Chapter 3

Nice! What a great spin! Thank you for your story, it was very enjoyable. I am looking forward to the next story! also "Long Live Bun-Bun"

Mathew McCrillis posted a comment on Sunday 24th January 2010 2:41am for Chapter 3

Glorious! I'm sorry I doubted you for even a moment! Keep writing when your hands aren't busy with other things.

gadriam posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 2:34pm for Chapter 3

That was probably the oddest story I've ever truly and thoroughly enjoyed.
Thank you, and just to point it out, You do deserve a spot here among the best of the best.


joeBob posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 1:06am for Chapter 3

Interesting Story, fun at times, too.

Also, you finished one!!! Moving to FFN might be a good thing. ;-)

It's disappointing, of course, that Dumbles/Flamel didn't die gruesomely by Harry's means.

Nice references to Ror's and nonjon stories.

liquidfyre posted a comment on Friday 22nd January 2010 7:01pm for Chapter 3

OKay first of all Hello Fresh Meat!!!! *cackles*

Secondly this is hte first of your stories i have read and its pretty damn good. Keep updating and there will be no problems. Stop and well. *grins evilly*