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gadriam posted a comment on Thursday 5th May 2011 4:09am for Chapter One

This is a great story. Harry is not obscenely rich, Hermione is not the übermind, and very human screwups abound. It feels as worn and low key as life tends to be. I now have a great and almost pathological need to read the remaining two chapters.
I'll be around.


David Thacker posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd March 2011 10:59pm for Chapter One

Will there be more to this story?

Clell65619 replied:

- I'm working on it.

David Thacker posted a comment on Tuesday 14th December 2010 10:22pm for Chapter One

I hope to see more of this story soon.

Paracelsus posted a comment on Tuesday 9th November 2010 11:25pm for Chapter One

I like this version better than the one on it feels more polished, and the ending is more in character. (Harry was, after all, prepared for Hermione to attack him; it makes no sense, in the version, that he'd get angry because she chose a physical attack.) I see from some of your responses to reviews that there may be another chapter to this story; that would be awesome, but the story stands alone quite well. Having it end on the tragic note makes it stronger: that Hermione's actions, both against her parents and against Harry, were unforgivable and left her totally alone.

I follow all your stories, but I think this one-shot is one of your best work. Thank you.

NuitTombee posted a comment on Monday 27th September 2010 10:12am for Chapter One

It makes me want to cry.

bookworm914 posted a comment on Sunday 26th September 2010 12:47pm for Chapter One

This is absolutely awesome.
Missing word when 'Wendy' gets homes - "Harry barely had time to blink before the young woman had crossed the room and wrapped him in a hug." couple other minor typoes.
you are so right about what Hermione did to her folks, and you play out their reactions perfectly. I love love love the conversation opener from Monica - "We need to talk a bit, I think" <hermione saying something> "I should have been clearer. I'm going to talk."
Also, such brilliant taking-to-task in "Until such time as you have a house, never do that again."
This is satisfyingly realistic - the insane rage is at least a plausible extrapolation from Hermione's behavior in the books, ie in character. She flies off the handle when people are cruel or unfair, and until she thinks it through, this seems both very cruel betrayal and highly unfair. Harry's wandless sleep spells, maybe not so realistic, but that's cool.
And apparently Harry is only well-off, not impossibly wealthy? At least Wendell thinks so, saying Harry bankrupted himself to let them set up their practice.
Thanks very much for posting this. It would be awesome if you continued, I would love to see what Wendy/Hermione does now that Harry leaving has actually sunk in.
He doesn't plan to go back to Britain, so I imagine he'll be very hard to find?

Clell65619 replied:

- Harry was well off, but is no longer. The elder Granger is quite correct, Harry did in fact bankrupt himself to give the Grangers their lives back, and spent just about the last of his money on the cab that dropped him off at the Wilkin's clinic, as will be shown if I can ever get chapter two in a readable condition.

Galen Salvatore posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 10:17am for Chapter One

I really do hope you continue this someday. It raises a very powerful emotional reaction in me about Hermione's choices - I still shake in anger every time I read it, and I think I understand then just why you wrote it. Despite the negative association, however, I'd still love to see more of it.

Ariel Schnee posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd August 2010 3:37am for Chapter One

Look forward to seeing more of this!^_^

Sankara posted a comment on Thursday 22nd July 2010 4:03am for Chapter One

I have to admit, I entirely agree about her actions. But if you look at the way the rest of the wizarding world behaves (especially those on the side of "light"), it is an incredibly bigoted, if not racist, society in regard to the non-magical, and - in that context - Hermione's actions fit in perfectly :)

I am looking forward to more of this (if you plan to write it!) :)

Mtc297c posted a comment on Wednesday 14th July 2010 11:31pm for Chapter One

I would like this to be continued, as I am running out of good things to read...

WSRaptor posted a comment on Sunday 11th July 2010 10:26pm for Chapter One

This is a very good read and a much better way for Hermione to deal with her parents than in canon. I hope you decide to continue this story. Keep up the good work!

HarnGin posted a comment on Tuesday 15th June 2010 9:19pm for Chapter One

This chapter was very entertaining. It was thought-provoking, too. Most writers just send Harry and Hermione or Harry, Ron, and Hermione after her parents and everything works out just grand once Hermione ends her spell. I liked the way you are handling it. I look forward to reading the next installment.

Itisme posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd June 2010 8:37am for Chapter One

I like this one a lot, but... I have to admit that I like the original "Have a nice life" ending much better. This new one makes it too open ended IMO, while the original drives home with a very large hammer that one should think before speaking.
Still, it's good story, and it's streets ahead of most 'retrieval-fics' out there.

Clell65619 replied:

- The change is there to allow for another couple of chapters.

TheHard posted a comment on Saturday 8th May 2010 12:56pm for Chapter One

Hey, nice seeing you here! I didn't know that you had a site here...

This story is really nice, I've read it in already, and I'm asking the same: are we going to see more of this? I really hope so!

Thanks for sharing your mussings :)

blackmage18 posted a comment on Sunday 18th April 2010 11:17am for Chapter One

I'd definitely like to see more of this story. Some of your ideas are just plain wacky, but I really liked this one.

princess ducky posted a comment on Sunday 11th April 2010 5:55pm for Chapter One

Another intriguing story, looking forward to more.

Princess Ducky

Galdor123 posted a comment on Wednesday 31st March 2010 3:24pm for Chapter One

Very interesting story, I hope you are planning on continuing this :)

token posted a comment on Saturday 27th March 2010 4:52am for Chapter One

Not bad. I look forward to seeing more.

TheHard posted a comment on Sunday 21st March 2010 2:33am for Chapter One

Well, I liked this story the same or more then the first time I read it (I think it was in, but let me wondering again: is going to be anymore of this? I really hope so...

Anyway, good story, great plot, poor ending :P (want more! :D)

xelan posted a comment on Thursday 18th March 2010 5:55pm for Chapter One

I had really only thought about the anti-muggle bias that Hogwarts fosters after readying Breakfast in New York, but you highlight and emphasize it more. Almost as if the longer Hermione is in the wizarding world, the more she loses herself... I found the story very impressive and I hope that she and Harry can make up. The Harmonian in me hopes they end up together, but I suppose we'll have to see. I look forward to more if you are still intending to write more.