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Pointer posted a comment on Monday 14th January 2013 7:01pm

More than a bit of fun.

Katsuhito posted a comment on Saturday 12th January 2013 10:37am

I was just re-reading this story again and found some more one-liners that had me rofl-ing. I'm not sure how I missed them the first couple times. I hope your muse still has this story on the fire (even if it is a back burner). :)

ladyimmortal posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd January 2013 1:39am

So I reread this again and my brain thinks... 'Wow, is Lucius dumber than a great big box of rocks or what?'

Seriously - Harry could take him apart with BOTH hands tied behind his back and Lucius thinks he can somehow use Harry against the Elders?

How did he plan to survive Endora? Or Clara? Or SAMANTHA? Honestly...

Of course, Dumbledore did him a serious favor by obliviating him.... it should work... for a little while at least (after all, Lucius IS a Malfoy - Malfoy's have no brain)

Wolf470 posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2012 12:01am

Cool chapter, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Lostinfantry posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2012 4:11pm

First time I've ever read acrossover like this. Very good so far.

Davideg posted a comment on Monday 29th October 2012 2:16am

thank you for sharing this fantastic chapter please continue to update a.s.a.l.a.

GBTtown posted a comment on Wednesday 24th October 2012 10:34pm

I am not a fan of crossovers in general. Too many insist they must "sparkle" or whatever ridiculous prop they used in that movie. Too many authors, with IQ levels to rival Beavis and Butthead, just rely on moronic dialogue thinking it is funny.

However, you have taken a popular sitcom of all things and turned it into a very readable, tongue in cheek adult comedy. That line by Arthur about his adventures aboard the Raging Queen were hilarious. Remus getting to brag to Sirius about his sexual prowess, again hilarious.

As long as you can continue in this vain I look forward to future updates.

scribbler posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 8:13pm

Loved it. Great fun to read. Wish there was more. Wish Harry got to be with Hermione, but that's my perenial complaint and not to be taken too seriously.



dougal74 posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2012 6:40am

I do love this story, looking forward as ever to the next installment.

What's happened to Endora...she seems to be getting all of the mortals names correct in this chapter; is she going soft in middleage?

Furthermore if Harry is able to pull Einstein through time, cannot he not do the same for his parents or even go and visit them since he can manipulate the time line within his lifespan?

Fenris Ulf posted a comment on Friday 19th October 2012 12:25pm

This is a fun story to read. I look forward to another update on this soon Thanks!

Wolfric posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2012 12:24pm

Fine chapter. I'm not usually wild about crossovers but this is a lot of fun. Thanks for writing. W.

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2012 1:57am

Voldemort is really an idiiot. You don't mess with the Elders and he is going to find that out the hard way, I'm sure. I like the way Harry is natural and easy going. Bringing Einstein in to help with his Algebra homework was great. I like Albert. He is a down to earth kind of guy. The problems with Draco and by extension, his father are going to keep up for a short while I'm sure. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

LoggingInSucksAss posted a comment on Monday 15th October 2012 10:19pm

I'm finding it hard to express just how awesome this chapter was, using a traditional from of quantitative measurement.

Princess Fictoria posted a comment on Monday 15th October 2012 4:40pm

Loved the understandable confusion about magical abilities that Harry is facing. I mean at eleven years old I was a snot nosed sixth grader who had imaginary friends... I think you are doing a wonderful job in combining the two magical mythos.

As for Bob's non nagging.... Give the guy a break, he is out chasing down pirated copies of Alyx's epic Who Who adventure, lol. posted a comment on Monday 15th October 2012 11:29am

Outstanding chapter!!!! Will get to see what happens to the death eaters after the marks changing besides just it playing music??? What all did Harry change about the dark mark??? Will what Harry did to the dark mark have any lasting effects on anything besides the death eaters???

The Seeker posted a comment on Sunday 14th October 2012 9:34pm

This continues to be one of the most hilarious and creative HP fics I've ever read. Thanks for all the time and effort you're putting in to entertain us! Suffice it to say, I'm eagerly waiting for your next update.

johnny james posted a comment on Sunday 14th October 2012 9:24pm

man i love this story cant wait for more thank you

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Sunday 14th October 2012 12:35pm

Aww, I wanted to see "Lucky Lucy" become a grease spot on the floor of the Headmaster's office. Nice little addition to Lucius' memory alteration, though. Who knew Dumbledore had it in him?

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Sunday 14th October 2012 11:52am

Oh God, that was a chapter that I can truely say was wonderful. I remember the Bewitched tv show and can say that you have definately got Endora down to a T. This story is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Keep up the great work.

Michael10 posted a comment on Sunday 14th October 2012 11:22am


Harry's sense of humor is right up there. and those songs get in your head.

"I know a song that gets in your head, gets in your head, gets in you head..."

keep up the good work