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Fanboyimus Prime posted a comment on Sunday 6th December 2015 9:38am

You'd think Harry's friends would at least be able to tenatively take what he says as the truth by this point.

Also on the "Power Pack adventures being nothing compared to a dragon"...he is forgetting that Katie or Julie Power helped Wolverine fight the Reavers once right?

They kind of aren't exactly lightweights even next to a dragon.

mwinter posted a comment on Saturday 5th December 2015 4:47pm

Wow, Such a long wait for this chapter and then you leave it be just as Harry walks out the tent flap? Sometimes I really loathe your exact timing for these cliff hangers. Awaiting more.

Wolfric posted a comment on Thursday 3rd December 2015 2:51am

Fine chapter. Thanks for writing. W.

rgshea96789 posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd December 2015 11:12pm

If Harry can talk with Lockheed, "he's not a dragon", will he be able to speak to the real dragon?

witowsmp posted a comment on Monday 30th November 2015 10:29pm

I look forward to Harry facing the dragon.

KSpringer posted a comment on Monday 30th November 2015 7:33pm

I'm so glad you're still doing this story.

I was notified we got the new chapter and I was so excited, I re-read then entire story!

Well done, Clell. Really nice!

Jeremy DuCharme posted a comment on Monday 30th November 2015 12:09am

Jeff, Harry laced his wand wood with Vibranium. Which is a highly potent conductor and storage battery for magic. If a wand is a taser, Harry has an entire Tesla car's batteries stuffed into his.

That was a nasty surprise, and letting him have armor? What version of magitech armor is Harry Stark up to right now?

Riegert8 posted a comment on Sunday 29th November 2015 8:57pm

It something that Sirius father knew that his son was innocent, while people and friends like Dumbledore and Lupin had their doubts.'

Michael10 posted a comment on Sunday 29th November 2015 4:18pm

Glad to see this. keep up the good work you do posted a comment on Sunday 29th November 2015 3:18pm

Outstanding chapter!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!! Will Harry and Padma be staying together forever or is just a normal teenage romance??? Are we going to be seeing Harry continuing to use Armor???? Are we going to see more of what Harry did exactly to his wand???

Nytefyre posted a comment on Tuesday 4th August 2015 11:45pm

Well, it's good to catch up with this story. I like the summer visits - they're both interesting and relaxing ways to see our protagonists interact. Hermione and Franklin is quite an interesting coupling. I wonder how Harry can keep Lockheed at Hogwarts... And how that will affect his experience with the Tournament.

I look forward to more to come. Thanks for writing and sharing.

slickrcbd posted a comment on Sunday 29th March 2015 10:59pm

I just reread this, and noticed the part about a KEW being given a dedicated tasking over Hogwarts. I was thinking it would be cool if Harry gets in a situation like the canon timeline where Voldemort and all his Death Eaters are gathered together, makes his escape and activates the sattelite at the same time, so seconds after he portkeys away they are all obliterated by orbital bombardment, a power Voldenmort who left the muggle world before the atomic bomb knows nothing about,

At least you have set up a good omake.

Tenchifew posted a comment on Monday 9th February 2015 2:16pm

Great chapter.

The tournament should be... interesting.

Thank you for writing.

Kate5 posted a comment on Sunday 25th January 2015 11:47pm

I've never been all that fussed about coss-overs, but this is pretty great! It's a fun read, some parts had me laughing like crazy. I'm not all that familiar with super-heroes, I mean I know about them, but have never watched the animated films or read comic books. I am really enjoying reading this. I love how confunded Dumbledore is by the whole thing. Seeing Snape being put in his place was pretty awesome as well. So thanks for sharing your vision and version of Harry Potter's universe with the rest of us.

mwinter posted a comment on Sunday 25th January 2015 2:26pm

Been a while. Thanks for the update. Awaiting more.

Jadzia7667 posted a comment on Saturday 24th January 2015 10:00pm

Yay for a new chapter. LOL @ Franklin and Hermione - it's a good match. Can Lockheed please flambe' Dumbledore's beard off?

GBTtown posted a comment on Saturday 24th January 2015 8:37pm

Lonnnnnnnng awaited but good.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Saturday 24th January 2015 7:50pm

Interesting chapter that Harry going keep a eye on some kid

Davideg posted a comment on Saturday 24th January 2015 5:23pm

thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter as well as for all the time and effort put in to it please continue to update as life allows

Glacialis1 posted a comment on Saturday 24th January 2015 4:26pm

Another really fun chapter to read. I appreciate that you didn't bore us with the details of a shopping trip and stayed to relevant plot points of the Canon. You're pretty much a genius.