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Katherine posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 11:55pm

I am curious will Harry's dragons come and rescue him and burn Voldemort and his death eaters into a crisp or will he get out of the graveyard all by himself? I am also curious will the truth of how Harry really got though each task become widely know to witches and wizards? I think it would be awesome if Harry made it back to Hogwarts on a dragons' back but I think it more likely that he would pick up the Tri-Wizard trophy to take it back to Hogwarts and if it is charmed like in Canon then. Which was stupid in hindsight.

rejndzer87 posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 10:20pm

this whole story is so silly, but i love it :) hope it doesn't turn too dark. was this in some way inspired by the reunemaster story? i can see some similarities.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 8:44pm

Well, the other Champions clearly know danger when they see it and, obviously, annoying Fleur is a dangerous move. The negotiations with the merfolk were amusing and I chuckled at the showmanship that went into his "rescue" of Susan (methinks it definitely firmed up their relationship). The Lovegoods trying to interview the chieftain was just LOL funny (makes it difficult when you read this in an office at lunch).

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 8:41pm

::chuckle:: I love Cedric's encounter with the sphinx and his response seems so truly appropo. I have to chuckle at Draco's attempts to hide his "scalping" and the South Park bit was hilarious. Harry babysitting view young dragons was both warming and amusing; methinks Tom is about to find out that Harry's got more protection than Tom and his minions expected. I wonder if we're about to see "dark lord flambe'"? Harry's relationship with Susan looks to be progressing well and she seems to take in stride all the strangeness he seems to attract.

I was highly amused by the names given the young dragons, especially "Ron". I wonder how Charlie will feel when he finds out that said dragon *was* named after his brother for obvious similarities in behavior; it should make for an entertaining and informative reaction.

Finally, I loved the bit where Lucius once again tries to blame someone else for the way he's brought Draco up proving to be somewhat unwise. It should be amusing if he ever uses the maximus version of Pater Detegit and gets the middle name, too (unless his father went all out, that will be a tip-off).

DrT posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 7:44pm

Thanks for the answer! I should have remembered.
PS RE: Hermione the almost-dragon and why Cedric knows the Dewey decimal system -- two of my many fav bits in this chapter

jim5 posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 6:26pm

I must admit that this little story is one of the joys I have when I get home from work, and your sense of humor is outstanding. I don't know if I saw somewhere that this is only going to be a fourth year story or if you intend to take it further, but after reading the part with the sphinx I had an idea for you.

The dementor attack on Harry.

The two dementors should be fan-crazed brothers like the Creevy's including the camera and wanting to take pictures with him, and even to take a picture of his potronus(sp?). This of course would get Harry in trouble with the casting of underage magic.

DrT posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 6:14pm

Ah, the classics indeed! Poor Uncle Harry! I take it Ron the dragon was so named because of his eating habits. Loved the chapter. Any particular reason why Draco was dressed as Biggles and then as Kenny, other than a deluded fashion sense?

Clell65619 replied:

- When Fleur scalped him back in the 2nd task, she used a charmed knife... Draco's hair just isn't growing back... The vain little shit can't deal with that, hence the head gear.

Richard Griffin posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 5:15pm

Helarious loved all the twists and turns very entertaining

Anansii posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 5:14pm

Grin - Acromantulas Rule!

Love the dragons, and looking forward to whatever happens next.

noylj posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 3:25pm

Thought the spiders would have asked for something like the dragon and merfolk.
Love the story.
It reads so much more believably than book 4.

gadriam posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 3:05pm

Maestro! For the first time, i have actually fallen off my chair laughing. Twice. DragonRon and Kenny Malfoy were absolutely brilliant. Harry and the way he deals with the plethora of insanities coming his way are credible, hilarious and so very funny. I constantly get the mental image of him sitting on the hood of a car, holding a bike by the handlebars and trying to keep the backwards bike straight going 100 mph. He doesn't know what he's doing but he knows that if he screws up for one instant, he's eating spokes.
His relationship with Susan is also a great source of merriment. I could easily picture his conflicted face after the lake, and his cleavage-frozen moments.
The dragon-family is something i take pride in having foreseen.

Thanks for brightening my day and once again explaining to me that Internet is a good thing.

May Robert Lind in Kramfors bless your keyboard.


Michael Cornfoot posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 2:20pm

great update

hate the cliff hanger at the end

will you be changing what happens from there or will it generally follow the fourth book?

Also, is the relationship with harry and susan going to get stronger or continue at least?

Terry Chang posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 12:55pm

Yessssssssssss. Uncle Harry!!!!!!

Riegert8 posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 12:33pm

Very Good chapter

Wolfric posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 12:01pm

Good chapter. Thanks for writing. W.

romero posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 11:42am

You have a wonderful sense of humor. I was amused with babysitting Harry and just laughed at Draco, especially the tip of the hat to South Park. I can't wait to see if his "Nieces and Nephew" plus Mum will sense his dangerous situation and arrived to protect him.

Joshlamont posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 11:03am

Man, I never get tired of reading this!

zonianx posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 10:59am

I loved this chapter. I was knocked over by the South Park reference and did not see that coming until after Goyle spoke, well done. Some of the best "light" writing I have seen since I read Make a Wish by Rorschach's Blot.

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 10:28am

A fantastic chapter with many funny bits and cute moments.

A pity about Ron I hoped he would remain the fool he is and suffer for it. I am glad Susan takes the initiative and think are going well between her and Harry.

Uncle Harry, how cute the mini dragons were funny and when they grow people will find it hard to kill or manipulate him with a Hufflepuff mate and his own dragons. A very important point " It seems that dragons don’t speak Snake, snakes speak Dragon.

It’s a good job Hagrid loves Dragons as not many people would pet them or allow there to be dragon fights in their wooden home. I wonder if Hagrid will need to explain to his boss why his house was on fire thanks to a dragon again. A nice detail about Norbert and dragons the Demntros won’t bother Harry again.

The Bones family might live up to its name if they have dragons as guests with Susan being their Aunt. Sweetie, I can picture a dragon version of Lavender wanting jewels or a sparkly bow when she is little. Good names for the dragons I almost wish Harry would visit the Dursley’s the thought of them being attacked by dragons or the house set on fire is a good one. Maybe the dragons could go to the bathroom on them we would find out if non-magical deodorant is up to the task foul smelling Dursley’s would make them social outcasts.

Servants not keepers a very good detail to include.

A great gift for Susan who is way better than Ginny and not just because there is no Harry’s mother vibe going or the fact Ginny is a fan girl and rather flat but it does help.

Well done Fleur making a Malfoy upset she should be rewarded and Harry should go shopping so he looks good for Susan. I wonder if Harry’s affinity with fire launching creatures extends to Veela? in a fight my money is on Susan but it would be interesting.

I don’t like Hannah but I can understand her reaction I wonder if she will use the power of peanut butter to make friends under water.

Charlie’s life is going to be very interesting a lap dragon will be a problem when she grows big but maybe she wants to make the most of it when small. If the lady dragons are ever upset Harry might need to fight another dragon to please them or to stop anyone from hurting them.

A great name Fleur gave Draco and how she dealt with him I hope Susan finds out Harry liked her more than Fleur in glowing mode.

Slappy Malfoy I hope one day he is in one of your stories or he has his own the (mis)adventures of Slappy Malfoy would be a good ready and might explain many things why did the Malfoy’s leave France, why are the Weasley’s poor, is Lockheart the son of Slappy and did he wish to marry into the Lovegood name and take it as Slappy love good would be sure to please him the chocolate frog would be priceless. The Malfoy family is full or surprises, Lucius lacking as a husband is not I bet he just wanted to marry Narcissa for her hair or because she has nice clothing and shoes Lucius wanted to wear.

I am glad Harry and Hagrid are going to have words as he has much to answer for allowing the giant spiders to breed most of all had they not the final battle would have been easier without an army or man eating spiders right next to the school. Hagrid would fear a poodle or some other creature that is small and easily killed by him that does not do anything. Or if all else fails get a Nundu.

A sphinx fangirl is a cool idea other than Dobby I never gave much thought to other beings knowing Harry or wanting to meet him being hugged by Veela would be nice, having his blood be the drink of choice for a Vampire would be funny but if the Veela find out he is a virgin they might come back. A giant for a fan other than Hagrid would be fun, the Dursley’s stepped on, Aunt Marge thrown into orbit. Goblins using him to advertise and the Centaurs holding a contest to see who will have Harry ride on their back that would explain why Bane was so angry. A sphinx would be fun to know and could help with school work or cut down on the number or people wanting to speak to him as they would need to answer a riddle. Maybe warewolves are fans of Harry to, Remus did seem very shy.

Missy Aranea is she the wife of Aragog? Or ex-wife. The fate of Victor made me laugh.

A good end to the chapter if Nagini is a fan of Harry’s he might just have a chance and the Dark Lord would cry loosing his familiar. I hope we see the Dragons again or Xeno deciding to come for more pictures with his friends. If Harry is running low on gold he should advertise or sell some things Dragon collars or invest in a peanut butter factory the Merpeople could find all kinds of items for Harry.

I look forward to the next chapter.

sffilk posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2011 9:57am

The boy who had to survive all the insanity? I'm almost afraid to see what happens when he meets Tom!