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migele posted a comment on Wednesday 30th November 2011 11:08pm

Haha, this is good stuff.
Poor Harry is becoming rather famous, in certain not quite human circles at least, does Luna count as human int his case?

I hope Luna is going to jump him for the human side side of the interview!


Katherine posted a comment on Wednesday 30th November 2011 10:37pm

I loved this! I also hope to see more chapters coming soon. I do wonder if dragons will stay in the story? I would love Kiska were a reoccurring character. Or that Harry would visit the dragon reserve bringing gifts. I wonder what the other Tri-Wizard champions thought of Harry's performance in the first task? And will the article that Mr. Lovegood is writing ever make it to Hogwarts? Will Harry tell anyone what really went on during the first task? Who will be Harry's date for the yule ball? Can't wait to find out.